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We provide 1 free consultation every week - either in-person, online, or an email submission - for all CGU students, faculty, and staff. We also provide free webinars through the semester, along with dissertation boot camps. In addition, the Writing Center has a Resource Library of books and handouts.

In-Person Consulting

Meet at the CWR with one of our consultants for a 50 minute session. We believe that any writer, even a professional, can benefit from sharing drafts with a colleague. Although we won't write your paper or guarantee you an "A," we will work with you for the entire writing process, from brainstorming ideas for your paper, clarifying and organizing ideas, to polishing your style. 

Click here to visit our on-line appointment scheduler.


Online Consultation

Online appointments last 50 minutes and offer students the interaction of an in-person appointment.

Click here to schedule an online consultation.

Be sure to select "Yes - Meet Online" when you make your appointment. At the time of your appointment, log into our scheduler again. In the appointment window that appears, click the red "Start or Join Online Consultation." You will be taken to a virtual whiteboard space where you can upload your paper and work with a writing center consultant.


Email Submission

Submit your paper online and receive comments from a Consultant. The online service is particularly helpful for global organizational and structural concerns. It is less helpful for sentence-by-sentence suggestions.
In the same appointment system, select the calendar labelled "Email Review" from the drop-down menu at the top, just under the MyCGU logo. On that calendar, you can select any Consultant and upload your paper. (The time on the calendar does not matter; it is for administrative purposes only.)

We have made some changes to our guidelines for email submission to ensure that we continue to provide timely, high-quality feedback.  The main changes are:

  1. We are only accepting papers up to 35 pages in length.  Papers up to 15 pages have a turnaround time of 3 business days, and papers 16-35 pages long have a turnaround of 7 business days.
  2. Consultants in most cases are going to limit their grammatical feedback to 2 problems per paper.  This feedback, like in the past, will be dedicated to the beginning of papers and corrections made along with explanations of the grammatical rule.  In this way, students remain responsible for self-correction over the rest of the paper.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to email us at

Click here to schedule an email review.


Each semester, we offer a number of free workshops for members of the CGU community. Popular topics have included "Presenting Conference Papers," "Preparing for Qualifying Examinations," "Writing Graduate Research Papers," "Overcoming Writer's Block," and "Writing Book Reviews & Literature Surveys".

Click here to see this semester's workshop line-up.


Dissertation Boot Camp

The Center facilitates Dissertation Boot Camps on the second weekend of every month during the regular academic year. At Boot Camp, dissertation writers commit all day Saturday and Sunday to focus on writing. We discuss strategies for setting realistic objectives, staying focused, and overcoming writer's block. Coffee, tea, snacks, lunch, and a large dose of motivation provided.

Boot Camp is free, but if you are accepted to attend and fail to show up for any portion of the camp, including lunchtime discussions, a $50 fee will be charged to your student account.

You can sign up for Boot Camp approximately two weeks before the date listed on our calendar. An announcement is also sent out to all CGU students. Once you have received the announcement, complete the form here to apply for a space.

Click here for more information about boot camp.



The CWR houses books and handouts on all aspects of the writing process, from developing a topic to proofreading. We also have style manuals, academic writing texts, and books on writing in the disciplines.

All students are welcome to stop by our house at 141 E. 12th Street to use the Resource Library. The online source library is under construction.

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The CWR offers courses to help students improve their writing and presenting skills. These courses are offered S/U, do not count toward your degree, and are offered at a discounted rate. 

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Writing Fellows Program

Through this program, Writing Consultants work with course instructors to offer writing instruction in parallel with the subject matter of CGU courses. 

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