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antiracist changes at the center for writing & Rhetoric

In an effort to make antiracist goals intrinsic to the work (Diab, R. et al., see note 7 below) of the Center for Writing & Rhetoric at Claremont Graduate University, we are going to:

1. Centralize antiracist praxis in the CWR's writing center philosophy.

Action Items:

  • Redesign consultant training to be explicitly antiracist;
  • Design and implement antiracist professional development training for existing consultants;
  • Adjust all materials surrounding sessions where necessary to reflect this change in praxis (information on website and in the center, appointment forms, follow-up materials, etc.)

2. Revise the CWR's Mission and Vision Statements to include an Anti-Oppression Statement that is developed collaboratively by student consultants and the CWR Director.

Action Items:

  • After the initial antiracist professional development sessions, begin a process of collaboration on the language for an Anti-Oppression Statement, referring to exemplar examples in the field;
  • Revise the CWR's Mission and Vision Statements to reflect the now explicitly antiracist pedagogy of the center.

3. Develop a formal outreach program that prioritizes reaching marginalized groups at the university.

Action Items:

  • Engage with student groups as part of a regular outreach process, designed by a student leader at the center;
  • Conduct visits to as wide a range of classes as possible;
  • Develop the relationships necessary to recruit even more aggressively from underrepresented groups at the university.

4. Extend the explicit practice and display of the CWR as a safe space, both physically and virtually, to include antiracism.

Action Items:

  • Prominently post and share the Anti-Oppression Statement in the physical center and on the website once it is developed;
  • Clearly display more safe space signage that represents a wider range of social groups online and in the physical center.

5. Continue learning from the challenges and successes of this process and make changes whenever necessary.

Action Items:

  • Be open to feedback from any concerned stakeholders;
  • Conduct regular assessment to evaluate the appropriateness of the executed programs.

6. Collaborate with offices, departments, and individuals at the university in support of antiracist causes.

Action Items:

  • Support antiracist initiatives by, and develop antiracist projects in collaboration with, the Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, the Office of Student Life, Diversity, & Leadership, student identity groups, and others.

[This endeavor is in debt to the great example and research of many: The Writing Center of the University of Washington, Tacoma (1), (2); The Writing Support Program at Tufts University (3); The Writing Center of the University of Wisconsin, Madison (4), (5); and, the work of numerous scholars (6), (7), (8), (9), & (10).]





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We are offering all of our writing consultations online in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Schedule an online writing consultation to meet with a consultant via audio and video feed at a specific time on a specific day. Schedule an email review to submit a document and receive written feedback in 3 - 7 business days.

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The CWR is offering retreats and boot camps online starting in July. To learn more and sign up, visit here!


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Writing groups are comprised of the same group of people that commit to meeting at the same time and interval. The group helps keep members accountable, motivated, and goal-oriented. We are continually helping new groups form as well as helping to add members to existing groups that have room. These are different from our drop-in meetings in that they require a commit to the other group members and yourself to regularly attend.

These are the perfect way to help you stay on track and motivated now that instruction has moved online!

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We are in the process of expanding our already-substantial selection of handouts to include short videos on essential graduate writing topics.

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