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The Transdisciplinary Studies Program invites doctoral candidates who are advanced to candidacy and are within 18 months of expected graduation to apply for the 2019–2020 Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award. The award recognizes students who are using transdisciplinary methodologies and perspectives in their research in innovative, creative, and compelling ways.

Amount per award: $3,000 - $10,000

Application Deadline: 12:00PM, Monday, April 8, 2019.

Download Application Package (.pdf)

Email application to transdisciplinary.studies@cgu.edu.

Eligibility requirements

  1. CURRENT REGISTRATION as a doctoral student in any field of study at CGU.
  2. COMPLETION OF ALL COURSE WORK FOR THE PhD, with the exception of Dissertation Research units that have been approved by the faculty.
  3. ADVANCEMENT TO CANDIDACY, including approval of the Dissertation Proposal and successful submission of the Advancement to Candidacy Form to the Registrar's Office. If advancement to candidacy has not been recorded by the Registrar's Office by the time of award notification, the student will have until August 1st, 2019 to do so, or the award will be rescinded.
  4. A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF COMPLETION of all remaining requirements for the PhD degree by December 2019.
  5. DOCTORAL STUDY REGISTRATION must be maintained for both the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 terms.
  6. RECIPIENTS OF A TRANSDISCIPLINARY DISSERTATION AWARD may not accept a CGU Dissertation Grant and vice versa; recipients may accept one award or the other, but not both awards.
  7. PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS of a CGU dissertation award or a Transdisciplinary Dissertation Award are not eligible to apply.

How To Apply

The following items must be submitted, along with the "Applicant Information and Certification of Eligibility Statement" (last section below) as a single .pdf file, by Monday, April 8, 2019 to transdisciplinary.studies@cgu.edu.

  1. A PUBLISHABLE ABSTRACT, 100 words or less, of your dissertation project.
    • Please note that most reviewers of your application will be outside of your field of study, so write clearly and avoid or clearly define specialized terms or concepts.
    • Your plan should include and be organized by the following:
      • the proposed dissertation title and the word count of the synopsis
      • the rationale and context within previous scholarship; specific aims; and
      • projected significance of the proposed dissertation;
      • the information-gathering and analytical methods and techniques used; and
      • the organizational plan (by chapter) of the dissertation.
    • You may additionally submit one page each of bibliographic information and appendix material.
  3. AN ACADEMIC TIMELINE including the date of your advancement to candidacy and stages of progress (and completion) of your dissertation. (One half page maximum).
  4. A BUDGET JUSTIFICATION explaining how you would use the dissertation award, including, if relevant, an itemized budget for research expenses. (One page maximum).
  5. A CURRICULUM VITAE. (Two pages maximum).
  6. One or more DRAFT CHAPTERS (maximum of 60 pages total) from your dissertation proposal.

The Office of Student Services will provide a copy of your ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT to the review committee.

Evaluation Criteria

A Transdisciplinary Studies Advisory Committee will review all applications and select recipients.

Selected proposals will demonstrate: a breadth of disciplinary methodologies and perspectives; a clear command of the research questions, contexts, and interpretations with generalizable merit and significance; methodological validity and feasibility of the project timeline; and a strong academic performance record.

Download/View Evaluation Rubric

Applicant Information and Certification of Eligibility Statement

Please download, complete, and submit the "Applicant Information and Certification of Eligibility Statement (.pdf)" form (detailed below) as a part of your application.

Student Name:
Student ID#:
Street Address:
City, State Zip:
Tel. No.:
CGU Email Address:

Academic Department/School Anticipated Graduation Date:
Proposed Dissertation Title:
Dissertation Chair:
(Name, CGU Email address)
Committee Members:

I hereby certify that the information I have given in this application is complete and accurate and is my own work. I understand that other documents, as described here, will be used in the selection process, and I agree to their inclusion. I meet the eligibility requirements noted in this application.

Applicant's signature:

I have read this application, recognize it as the student's own work, and I endorse the student's eligibility and research plan. I will complete a reference submission to the review committee upon its request.

Advisor's signature:

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