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Look out for the following events:


  • Open House: a gathering celebrating the new location of Transdisciplinarity Studies and Preparing Future FacultySpecific Date and Time TBA
  • Purple Squirrel Panel with the Office of Carreer Development October 26


  • Panel: The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on the Inland Empire Under the ACA | Founder's Room, Honhold Mudd Library, November 2, 4 - 7 p.m.
  • Guest Speaker: Laila Pence, "Education is Empowerment" | November 14, 4 p.m.

Contact the Transdisciplinary Studies Office for more information.

Current Opportunities Current Opportunities


Dissertation Fellowships

The Transdisciplinary Studies program awards dissertation fellowships annually to qualified PhD candidates. These awards recognize students whose research and dissertations address transdisciplinary questions and methodology. Specific criteria to qualify for a transdisciplinary dissertation fellowship includes:

  • A demonstrated understanding of the methods of the student's primary discipline, including previous research on the topic
  • Convincing rationale as to why a transdisciplinary approach is appropriate for the project
  • A description of the transdisciplinary approach, reflecting collaboration with other disciplines to address the central research question
  • An understanding of the topic's impact on both the applicant's primary discipline and the greater scope of society, including other relevant disciplines
  • An intellectually diverse dissertation committee that reflects the student's collaboration with experts from other schools and fields, the student's curiosity and openness to learning about other disciplinary methods, and a recognition that the research topic cannot be adequately addressed within a single discipline
  • Feasibility of completing the dissertation by the end of the next calendar year 


The rubric used to judge applications for transdisciplinary dissetation fellowships can be found here

Dissertation fellowship awards range from $3,000 to $10,000. Contact the Transdisciplinary Studies Office for more informtation.

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