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What is Graduate Student Appreciation Week?

Graduate Student Appreciation Week is a week dedicated to recognizing and celebrating your hard work and dedication to scholarship. During this week, we invite you to take a break with us, to relax, play, have fun with your peers and support staff. 

How did it begin?

It began with the National Association of Graduate Student Professionals (NAGSP) in 1993, and was brought to CGU by Dr. Christine Kelly (Career Development Office) who launched our first Graduate Student Appreciation Week in 2016 in collaboration with other Student and Academic Services: The offices of Preparing Future Faculty, Student Life, Diversity & Leadership, and the Center for Writing and Rhetoric.

What can we expect for Graduate Student Appreciation Week?

We're tried many different fun and relaxing activities such as Yoga on the Lawn, therapy dogs (a major hit!), art, craft making, vision boards, poetry-making (we have a Poet-tree where we hang your poems for the week), and of course lots of refreshing snacks. 

If you have an idea that you think we should include please contact Christine Kelly (christine.kelly@cgu.edu). 


Traditionally, it is held during the first week of April each year. Look out for our announcements in your CGU email, or check back here around April. 



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