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Student Life, Diversity, & Leadership
738 N. College Ave.
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Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity programming
  • Safe spaces for dialogue and learning
  • Mentorship (MMP)

International Student Services

  • International advising (F and J Visas)
  • Social and educational programming

Health Insurance

  • Domestic and international plans

Student Organizations

  • Maintaining student club records
  • Providing funding for registered student clubs and organizations

Graduate Student Council

  • Leadership training
  • Advising Executive Board

CGU Student Organizations CGU Student Organizations


 The Office of Student Life, Diversity and Leadership acts on behalf of Claremont Graduate University to manage, and serve as a resource for student organizations. At CGU there is a wide variety of organizations that may meet your academic or social preferences, we strongly recommend that you consider participating in one of our existing student organizations or even create your own! Joining a student organization means joining a community, and having peers who often times become your support group. Through these organizations you also have the opportunity to strengthen and develop your leadership skills by planning, developing, and implementing events on campus or by collaborating with other organizations or campus constituents.

Whether the organization you choose to participate in is discipline related or identity/affinity related; together they encompass a variety of areas to explore.

CGU Graduate Student Council:

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

School and Department Student Associations:

Student Council of Arts & Humanities (SCAH)

Drucker School Student Association (DSSA)

School of Community & Global Health Student Association (SCGH - SA)

School of Educational Studies Student Association (SESSA)

Graduate Student History Association

Student Clubs

Association of Women's Studies in Religion – Dedicated to furthering research, academic resources, intellectual conversation, and professional opportunities for scholars in CGU's Women's Studies in Religion program. Contact jungja.yu@cgu.edu.

CGU Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Violence – Dedicated to providing exemplary support and services for graduate students at The Claremont Colleges who are survivors of sexual violence. Contact advocates@cgu.edu or visit our website.

CGU Consulting Club- Contact Johari.Dupont@cgu.edu.

CGU Graduate Math Seminar – Promotes community amongst students with interests in the Mathematical Sciences. Contact justinsunu@gmail.com.

CGU Outdoor Camp- Contact kailash.naik@cgu.edu.

CGU Ping Pong Club – Provides a platform to facilitate students' physical exercise and communication beyond academia and to help students make friends and embrace different cultures at CGU. Contact zhijun.gao@cgu.edu.

CGU Wellness Initiative- Advancing the professional development of individuals in the field of wellness. Contact jacqueline.martel@cgu.edu.

Curating SIA L.A.- Contact vanessa.canas@cgu.edu.

Ekklesia Club- The Ekklesia club of the Claremont Colleges welcomes students into caring, diverse communities where they can build friendships and explore the Christian faith in an academic setting. Throughout the year, members will undertake a host of activities: • Fellowship • Professional development • Outreach • Community Service. Contact stephen.ward@cgu.edu.

GenUN CGU Campus Chapter- GenUN is a nationwide student association that is affiliated with the United Nations Foundation and UNA-USA. The GenUn Campus Chapter at CGU on the Sustainable Development Goals will specifically focus on awareness, advocacy and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the grassroots level. Contact colleen.bromberger@cgu.edu.

GIS Club – Provides resources for CGU students from all disciplines to learn about the uses of GIS for both research and practice and to explore career opportunities. Contact claudia.caceres@cgu.edu.

Humanities in Action- Contact alyssa.krueger@cgu.edu.

Junk Flow Club – Networking through the celebration of all absorbing experiences that do not build skills. Contact adriana.ariza@cgu.edu..

PhD (Pure Human Debauchery) CGU's only improv group provides a creative outlet for graduate students and quality performances for fellow students in need of a laugh. Contact susan.mangan@cgu.edu.

Phenomenal Voices L.A.- Contact whitney.martinez@cgu.edu.

Soka Gakkai International: USA Buddhists Club – Aims to cultivate a network of friendship, peace, and nonviolence based on the teachings of Nichiren school of Mahayana Buddhism as practiced in the Soka Gakkai International-USA. Contact victor.haynes@cgu.edu.

Student Parent Organization – Dedicated to supporting and enhancing the academic, personal, and professional development of student parents at Claremont Graduate University. Contact marquisha.spencer@cgu.edu.

Women in Leadership Association- Contact aline.ghazarian@cgu.edu.

Diversity Organizations

The Claremont University Consortium offers a range of support services to foster diversity at The Claremont Colleges and help students from underrepresented populations thrive academically, socially, and culturally, ensuring a rich, diverse experience for all students. In addition, CGU's Graduate School Council supports the creation of student associations that recognize students on the basis of gender identity, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Please contact Dean of Students and Campus Life for more information.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association- Contact zf2138@columbia.edu.

Claremont Korean Student Association- Contact hwan.lee@cgu.edu.

Queer Graduate Union – Advocacy group that provides a safe space and increases visibility and awareness of the interests impacting the LGBTQQIAA community at CGU and Keck Graduate Institute. Contact megan.mansfield@cgu.edu.

South Asian Student Association – Aims to bring the arts, food, and culture of the Indian subcontinent to CGU through events such as musical and dance performances. Contact jemin.gohil@cgu.edu.


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