Procedures Procedures

  • To see all student organization procedures view the Student Organization Guide.
  • Are you interested in starting a new group?
  • Please note that all organizations must register on an annual basis.
  • Do you want to host a group event?
    • Will the event include alcohol?
  • Request for Funding Form (PDF)

Please follow the links above or contact the office of Student Life, Diversity, & Leadership to get more information.

Starting a New Student Organization Starting a New Student Organization


You can start a new student organization at any time in the academic year. Recognition is the process of applying to be a student group recognized by Claremont Graduate University. There are seven steps to become a recognized student organization. All the necessary forms are located in the Student Life & Diversity office and the GSC house. You can also download the application here.

1. Obtain Student Signatures

Have 30 CGU students sign the "Student Interest Signature Sheet" in support of the organization. These students do not need to serve as members of the proposed organization, nor by their signature alone do they hold themselves responsible for the group.

2. Find an Advisor

An advisor must be a CGU Faculty or Staff member. An advisor may not be on sabbatical during the academic year.

3. Create or Revise the Constitution

The SLD Office will store your constitution electronically as well as file a hard copy for you.

4. Complete Student Organization Application

Pick up a Student Organization Application from the SLD Office, the GSC house, or it can also be found on the SLD webpage here. Signatures are required from the primary leader, treasurer, and advisor.

5. Submit Forms to the GSC Office

Submit the original copies of the Recognition Application, Constitution, Student Interest Signatures, and Website Blurb to the GSC House.

6. Email Information

Email Constitution, Member List, and Website Blurb to and If the student officers change during the year, the group must notify the SLD Office via email. The GSC Executive Board will review the material and a decision will be made on the endorsement of the organization. Once all material has been submitted, and GSC has granted an approval all relevant paperwork will be delivered to the SLD Office for administrative approval.

7. Meet with SLD Director

Once the GSC officially recognizes your organization, the SLD Director will send your organization and your organization advisor a letter confirming its new status. The Director will meet with the officers of the newly verified organizations to review organization policies and procedures and set up all accounts (business and email).

Annual Registration Annual Registration

All groups must submit the Annual Registration Application to within the first 60 days of the fall semester and anytime membership or leadership information changes. If you have never registered your student organization before, please follow the instructions for starting a new student organization.


Registration Benefits

Being a registered group with Claremont Graduate University ensures that your organization will receive all the benefits and privileges available:

  • Use of CGU facilities for meetings, events, or other events.
  • A budget account will be created through the Business Office.
    • This is a case-by-case situation, which will be discussed during the initial meeting with the SLD Administrator. This is not for groups that will only receive initial funds from GSC.
  • Ability to promote the group on campus
    • Publicity space on campus digital boards and bulletin boards.
    • Partnerships with CGU offices, departments, and services for events (i.e. facilities and campus saftey).
    • Access to leadership training.
    • Inclusion in information given to incoming students and prospective students.
    • Participation in the New Student Orientation and All Student BBQ.
    • Individual advisement on planning and implementing events and programming.
    • Representation in the Graduate Student Council.
    • Ability to host a table outside of the SSC or Hagelbergers to distribute promotional items (must submit request through SLD office).

Being Active

  • In order to keep your organization active, each group must fulfill the following requirements:
    • Register within the first 60 days of the fall semester.
    • Inform the SLD Office anytime membership or leadership information changes.
    • Attend GSC general meetings.
    • Abide by all policies set forth by Claremont Graduate University (i.e. Student Code of Conduct, etc.).

Your Advisors

  • Every organization must have a Claremont Graduate University faculty or staff member serve as their advisor(s), in addition to their already assigned Administrative Advisor.

Faculty & Staff Advisors

  • Faculty and staff can bring a certain expertise to the organization especially if the organization centers on a topic that is of interest to them.
  • Advisors can help the organization to achieve its mission.
  • Having an advisor also provides student members direct contact with various university staff and faculty outside the classroom.

Administrative Advisor

  • All organizations are assigned an Administrative Advisor (i.e. Director or Graduate Assistant) through the Student Life and Diversity Office.
  • The Administrative Advisor's main role is to assist the organization with navigating event planning details and policy nuances and paperwork and accounting.
  • The Administrative Advisor will assist the organization's treasurers with balancing financial books, correctly filling out the right paperwork, creating budgets, and managing fundraising revenue.
  • The organization's Administrative Advisor must review all Student Financial Transaction Forms, and only the SLD Administrator can sign these forms before they can be processed.

Ways to Engage Your Advisor

  • Keep in mind, when working with your advisors they may not know when you need their help.
  • As advisors, our belief is that students are independent adults; we believe that the students should run their clubs how they want to. It is not the advisors responsibility to run your organization.
  • Your advisors are available to you, but may not get involved unless asked. It is always a good idea to invite your advisors to attend some of your general meetings and special events.
  • CGU is a small campus and your advisor may be one of your professors or work in one of the administrative departments on campus. The social gatherings may be a great time to get to know some of the professional staff at CGU.

Planning an Event Planning an Event


Good planning is crucial to the success of your program. There are specific procedures that must be followed to ensure your event is registered, and facilities are properly reserved. The following are guidelines for student organizations when planning an event.

  1. All details of your event need to be communicated to the SLD Director at least four (4) weeks before the date of the event. Registration forms will be required for all events. Event Not Serving Alcohol Registration Form or the Event Serving Alcohol Registration Form.
  2. Choose a date for your event. Check the Events Calendar to see about specific dates and events currently scheduled. Events cannot occur during breaks, finals, or Commencement Weekend.
  3. All events where alcohol will be served require the approval of the SLD Director. Please complete the Event Serving Alcohol Registration Form.
  4. All campus facilities are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. It is recommended that students plan ahead early in the semester for their events as popular venues may be completely booked later in the semester. Some spaces on campus require permission from a specific department in order to be reserved (i.e. Board of Trustees Room).
  5. For certain events, Campus Safety Officers may be required to help maintain safety.
  6. Always keep your organization's advisor informed of your events and invite them to attend.
If you are hosting a large special event, you will need to meet with the SLD Director at least 6 weeks in advanced. Please call 909.607.0789 or email to arrange a meeting.

Campus Venues for Student Use

  • Students may schedule meetings and small programs in the academic classrooms by contacting the SLD Office at However, keep in mind that classes have priority over any events.
  • The DesCombes Quad is the primary outdoor venue where events are held. Noise, student safety, landscaping, community considerations, and policy restrictions must be taken into account before scheduling this space for student use. If you wish to use this Quad for your event, please consult with the SLD Administrator while planning your event. All programs taking place outdoors must not disturb classes in nearby academic buildings, or neighbors of the university.

Outdoor Campus Events

  • Due to constraints in sound and security, all outdoor events with amplified sound and/or more than 100 people must end no later than 10:00 p.m. on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday), and 12:00 a.m. on weekend nights (Friday and Saturday).
  • This applies to all events on the DesCombes Quad, various patios of university facilities, and the parking lots.
  •  Host organizations may be asked to work with Campus Safety in notifying neighbors prior to the outdoor event.
  • Additional security is required for all events (number determined in consultation with the SLD Office and Campus Safety) at the expense of the organization.
  • All amplified music is restricted to the clean radio-version only.


The SLD Director must review and sign all contracts for vendors as they serve as the representative of the university entering the contractual agreement.
  • A vendor includes but is not limited to entertainers, talent, special services, and rentals.
  • Student leaders, faculty advisors and other representatives are not authorized signers for contracts between any student club or association and a second party offering a product or service.
  • Students who sign contracts bear the full legal and financial responsibilities as an individual, and the university is not obligated to fulfill any of its terms.

Contract Process

  • The SLD Director reviews the contract request, contacts the party to be contracted, and submits a contract to the vendor, artist, or agency. The hosting organization may obtain a copy of the final signed contract upon request for their records.
  • The check will be cut from the appropriate account (whether funded by GSC or through the association's account) and an email will be sent to the organization's email account.
  • The host organization is responsible to pick up the check from the SLD office.

Contract Payment Terms

  • CGU does not pay for services or performers in advance.
  • Deposits for 50% or less of the total fee are acceptable in advance.
  • Final payment for services is paid the day of the event or following the event as specified in the contract.

Alcohol at Events

It is the host organization's responsibility to know and uphold these guidelines and policies. Failure to adhere to them could result in disciplinary action for individuals and/or the organization hosting the event.
  • The university wishes to encourage the thoughtful planning of thematic events and parties where alcohol is used in a responsible manner, and where students who choose not to drink can feel welcome and participate fully.
  • The availability of alcohol must not be the prime focus of any event.
  • Substance free events and events with a caterer or third party vendor help limit organization and individual exposure to risk.
  • Alcohol may be served at certain student-sponsored events only with prior approval from the SLD Director.
  • CGU has strict policies regarding events where alcohol is available; these are stated in the institutional policies.
  • For specific information on the use of alcohol at student events, please contact the SLD Director.

Alcohol Service for Events On-Campus

  • The SLD Director will review requests to serve alcohol at an event on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • For events where student participation will exceed 50 students: a professional, licensed bartender or bar tending service must be contracted.
    • Please contact SLD Administrator for more details.
    • Two Event Hosts from the organization that is hosting the event will be required and must sign the apropriate registration forms. Please work with the SLD Director.
  • For events where student participation will not exceed 50 students: a licensed bartender or bar tending Services is not required. However, two Event Hosts from the organization hosting the event will be required.
    • These two students must sign all appropriate registration forms. Please works with the SLD Director for this process.

Alcohol Service for Events Off-Campus

  • Any organization planning to serve alcohol at a function off-campus must first consult with the SLD Director.
  • Events hosted by student organizations off-campus, must still follow CGU policies and guidelines.
  • Permission is required from both the SLD Administrator as well as the owner/manager of the venue where the event will be hosted.
  • Please also see the Alcohol Policy and Use of Alcohol at Student Events Policies in the institutional policies.
  • For specific information on the use of alcohol at Student Events, please contact the SLD Director.

Campus Safety

  • CGU's risk management goal is to provide students flexibility in their selection and planning of events while providing a safe, welcoming, and appropriate environment for the activity. Student safety is the highest priority for CGU and precautions will be made to ensure a safe environment whether on or off campus.
  • The event registration process, in part, allows the university to review safety concerns and make accommodations as needed.
  • The SLD Director in consultation with Campus Safety will make decisions about the number of officers assigned to monitor an event based on the anticipated attendance, past history with the event, and the anticipated risk/liability associated with the plans for the event.
  • The host organization is responsible for paying for the officers that will work the event.

Responsibilities & Expectations of the Organization

  • Know and follow policies and procedures of CGU and the SLD Office.
    • All marketing, advertisement, promotional items must (i.e. fliers, t-shirts, emails, etc.) be approved ahead of time by the appropriate department (i.e. SLD or academic departments you are working with), and removed within 24 hours of the event.
  • For events with 50 or more participants, showing a film or events serving alcohol:
  • Submit all appropriate registration forms.
  •  Meet with the SLD Director at least one time to review timelines, expectations, policies, and procedures.
  •  Make sure to meet the Campus Safety Officers who are working the event so that they are aware of whom their point person is during the event.
  • Additional meetings with SLD Staff, Facilities Staff, Vendors, and Venue staff will be scheduled as needed based on the event needs through-out the process.
  • Keep the SLD Staff informed of any detail changes throughout the planning process.

Responsibilities of the Event Coordinator

  • Ensuring that the entertainers hired are aware of and adhere to university policies.
  • Following up with the Facilities Office regarding their requests for items (i.e. tables and chairs).
  • Ensuring that all vendors are paid in a timely manner.
  • Contract request forms are due to the SLD Director 6 weeks prior to the event.
  • Check requests/reimbursements must be submitted two (2) to four (4) weeks prior to when check is needed if the vendor is already established in the university's vendor system, and four (4) to six (6) weeks if the vendor is not in the university's vendor system.
  • Check request forms must be prepared by the organization's treasurer from which the money is being paid (i.e. GSC Treasurer) if GSC is providing the funding.
  • SLD staff will notify you when a check is available for pick up.

Responsabilities of Event Hosts

  • Meet with professional staff working the event one hour prior to the designated start of the event at the event location if on-campus.
  • Remain sober for the entirety of the event (including prep and clean up).
  • Must clean and return the venue to the way it was prior to the event (recycle when possible).
  • Keep track of the amount of wristbands used in order to keep track of how many students chose to drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Check bathrooms for attendees who become intoxicated or are in need of assistance.
  • Floating through-out the event to ensure the safety of all attending the event
  • If one is in need of attention, sick, or disruptive bring it to the attention of the CGU Staff
  • If any problems arise, members of the hosting organization should consult with the SLD Staff or Campus Safety and not take action. These staff members are present in order to ensure that you have a safe and successful event.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures as listed in the Student Guide, Institutional Policies, as well as expectations agreed upon at planning meetings.
  • If persons are found to be in violation of any policies or laws, sanctions may be given to the individuals or the organization and the event may be terminated.

Event Rules for All Attendees

  • If alcohol is served at the event all attendees must show a government issued photo ID and wear a designated wristband put on by bartender, CGU staff, or organization Event Host.
  • CGU reserves the right to deny entry, or request that students or guests exit an event if deemed intoxicated, under the influence, or are being disruptive.
  • If violations of the Student Code of Conduct occur during the event, students will be held accountable through the conduct process.


(This applies only to events that have been approved by the SLD Office)
  • Good publicity catches your eye! Colors, pictures, catchy phrases, unique shapes, and 3-D objects stand out. "Catchy" means interesting, unique and fun—not offensive or lewd.
  • Student organizations are encouraged to consider how publicity reflects on the group's image. Publicity should be respectful and not degrading to anyone. Messages that convey racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., are hurtful and unacceptable. Please be conscious of the messages your group sends when promoting events.

Advertising Options

  • Hang approved flyers or posters in designated areas.
  • List an event on the Campus Master Calendar.
  • Place table tents in Hagelbarger's. These must be approved through the SLD Office.
  • Reserve a table in front of the Student Success Center, Student Life and Diversity Office, or DesCombes Quad and distribute novelty, marketing, and/or promotional items.
  • Speak or make announcements at various organization or governing body meetings by contacting the chair or president.
  • Put your event on the digital display around campus by emailing

Showing Movies at Events

  • A public viewing license must be purchased for all movies, films, and documentaries shown on campus at events.
  • Videos rented, streamed, or from your personal collection are "for private or home use only," meaning that they cannot be shown for entertainment in a venue open to the university community.
  • For more information on how to rent a movie or film with a public viewing license, please contact the SLD Office.

Rental and Use of Novelty Equipment

  • Novelty equipment includes but is not limited to inflatable fun houses, portable sport courts and equipment, or other entertainment items.
  • There has been increasing concern over the use of rented inflatable houses, etc., that are provided by various novelty and entertainment companies. Some companies rent equipment that is in ill repair and offer no liability insurance coverage should a consumer be hurt in the use of the product.

  • The SLD Office advises groups interested in renting or using such equipment to meet with a SLD Administrator to discuss the issues associated with liability, safety, and rental policies before any plans are finalized

  • Please note that the SLD Administrator will give the final approval before the rental may be arranged, and is required to sign all contracts for such rentals.

  • The sponsoring group is also responsible for any damage to property that may be caused by the installation or use of such equipment. Therefore, it is important to discuss your event with campus officials prior to bringing the novelty equipment to campus.

Informing SLD About Events

It is important for us to recognize the work that you do as an organization. Although we only request that a formal registration form be submitted for the following events:

  • Any event with an attendance of over 50
  •  Any event serving alcohol regardless of the attendance
  •  Any event showing a film/movie/documentary

We ask that an informal report of all events be submitted at the end of the year.  Please include the name of the event, the date, and approximate attendance. Although this is not required, this information will ensure that SLD has a better understanding of the amount of events, how active our student organizations are, and ultimately be able to convey a realistic picture of our student body to the appropriate constituents.

Staging Enabled