Refunds Refunds


Refunds are processed for accounts that have an actual (posted transaction) credit. We are unable to issue refund advances to students who have an account that reflects an anticipated payment (e.g., company reimbursement, fellowships, loans, etc.).

Refunds take approximately 10 business days to process. However, Electronic Refund Disbursements are now available and the sooner you sign up, the faster the verification process can take place. This will reduce the wait time between requesting your refund and receiving those funds.

  • Refunds are calculated based on the date a completed Change in Registration Form is entered  by the student's academic department.


  • Fees are nonrefundable


  • In cases where a third party paid an account on behalf of a student, the refund will be made to the third party. However, if the third party provides written authorization to the Student Accounts Office allowing the excess funds to be paid to the student, the refund will be disbursed after the last day to add/drop classes.


  • Loan Refunds - Financial aid refunds will only be disbursed once all academic charges have been paid. Federal loan disbursements will be credited to your student account approximately 10 days before each semester begins.


  • In certain cases, federal refund requirements may supersede the institutional refund policy. The Federal Government's Return to Title IV Refund Policy require CGU to determine how much federal financial aid the student has earned at the time of withdrawal on or before the 60 percent point of an enrollment period. The calculated amount of federal financial aid the student did not earn will be returned  to the appropriate federal aid program. After the 60 percent point in the period of enrollment, no refund is applicable. Since the federal refund policy may not correspond to the institutional policy, students should visit the Financial Aid Office before initiating the withdrawal process. 

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