Company Reimbursement and Third-Party Sponsors Company Reimbursement and Third-Party Sponsors


How to Request:

  • Students receiving complete or partial tuition support from their employer or third-party sponsor must submit a Financial Guarantee Letter to the Third-Party Coordinator, Amy Hernandez,, Harper Hall East 120, as proof of their participation in a tuition support plan.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to submit this Financial Guarantee Letter prior to registration.
  • The Financial Guarantee Letter must be on appropriate letterhead and signed by an authorized member of the company or organization, other than the student.
  • The Financial Guarantee Letter must clearly state the terms and conditions of the tuition support benefit plan, including, but not limited to, the exact percentage and/or dollar amount of coverage, as well as the terms or academic years for which support will be provided.
  • The Third-Party Coordinator will mail an invoice to the employer or sponsor AFTER the add/drop period has taken place.*  The employer may then remit payment via credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer.

*All sponsored students must notify the Third-Party Coordinator if there is a change in registration AFTER the add/drop period has passed.)

The Payment Process:

  • The student may defer the employer/third-party sponsor portion of payment for up to 60 days from the last day of the term, at no additional cost, with this a valid Financial Guarantee Letter.  After this point in time, late payment fees will accrue on the student account until payment is received.
  • The tuition amount deferred is the anticipated payment that will be made by the company or third-party sponsor.
  • If tuition support is less than 100%, regular due dates apply to the student's personal contribution portion.  Payment may be made in full at the beginning of the term or the student may elect to enroll in the monthly payment plan at (log into the portal, select My Finances>My Account Information> Bill-Refund-Payment Plan>Installment Payment Plans.

The following due dates apply to the deferred portion of tuition support which a student expects to receive from their third-party sponsor:

Fall                       Feburary 16
Spring                  July 12
Summer               October 19

Questions regarding Third-Party Sponsorship should be directed to the Third-Party Coordinator:

Amy Hernandez
(909) 607-4561

Claremont Graduate University
Office of Student Accounts
150 E. 10th St.
Harper Hall East 120
Claremont, CA 91711

Summer 2017

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