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Welcome to the website of the CGU Institutional Review Board. Our focus is to facilitate faculty investigators and help train student investigators to understand and carry out the fundamental purpose of all IRBs, which is to assure the Investigator's Respectful Behavior toward every person who participates in research as a "human subject."
We are happy to answer questions about federal regulations, the review process, human subjects protections, and even the intersection of ethics and research methods. Feel free to shoot us an email, give us a call, or stop by the office. 


Submit/manage research protocols 

Access human subjects protections training:  



The CGU IRB has gone paperless!

All IRB protocols should be submitted in Axiom Mentor, which may be accessed using the AxiomMentor icon below or through your MyCGU QuickLaunch box. Using Axiom Mentor, investigators can create, edit, submit, amend, renew, and track the review process of all study protocols. Not sure if your study needs IRB review? The protocol creation process includes an interactive questionnaire designed to provide feedback on what kind of review, if any, is needed. For help getting started, see the "Getting Started with Mentor IRB" documentation in the menu on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional guidance.

To better facilitate the requirement that all CGU investigators complete training in human subjects protections, user accounts in Axiom Mentor and the CITI Program are now linked. The CITI Program will update Axiom Mentor daily with your current training credentials, which means CGU investigators will no longer need to send their CITI credentials to CGU's IRB. Investigators can check on their credentials, including expiration and renewal dates, by following the "Human Subjects Certification" link in Axiom Mentor's menu. Like Mentor, CITI can be accessed on this page or through your MyCGU QuickLaunch box.



Protocol Submission and  Management Human Subjects Protections Training



Identifiers and Members Identifiers and Members


IRB Members

Name Membership Representation Term Expires
Andrew Conway Chair Scientist 6/30/2020
James Griffith Voting Scientist  
Raymond Bragg Voting Unaffiliated Member 6/30/2020
Nicole Gatto Voting Scientist 6/30/2021
Mary Jean Neault Voting Unaffiliated Member 6/30/2020
Gail Orum Voting Scientist 6/30/2021
Kevin Rosales Voting Scientist 6/30/2021
Robert Zappulla Voting Non-Scientist 6/30/2020
Werner Zorman Voting Non-Scientist 6/30/2020


Federal Identifiers

(Office for Human Research Protections)

  • Organization: Claremont Graduate U: IORG0000760 (expires 8/13/2018)
  • IRB: Claremont Graduate U IRB #1: IRB00001114 (exp. 1/3/2020)


  • Claremont Graduate University
    • FWA00000248 (8/13/2020)
  • Harvey Mudd College
    • FWA00013487 (1/10/2022)
  • Keck Graduate Inst Applied Life Sci
    • FWA00003525 (11/15/2023)
  • Claremont Graduate U (DOD Addendum)
    • F50742 (1/13/2019)

Staging Enabled