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Withdrawing From CGU Withdrawing From CGU


The goal of Claremont Graduate University is to assist you in every way possible to meet your educational goals in the area of graduate studies. The challenges and demands of life and work may suggest that withdrawal from your studies at CGU is the best option for you.

Before You Withdraw

Consult with your department/program about other options that may be available to you to continue your studies. Depending upon the nature of your circumstances, funding may be available or the opportunity of academic work away from the University if you cannot be in Claremont.

Consider a Leave of Absence: If you expect the absence from your studies to be limited--a semester, but no more than two consecutive semesters--you can request a leave from your studies. (Exceptions to the one semester guideline include military service and research.) An approved leave makes it easier to resume your studies when you are able to do so.

Withdrawing from CGU

Advise CGU in writing: If you must withdraw from CGU, your intentions should be communicated in writing.

  • Write to the Registrar's Office and your department/program to advise the University that you will not continue as a student. Be specific about your reasons since your communication becomes a part of your student file.
  • If you are enrolled in classes, you must provide a Registration (Add/Drop) Form to drop your classes. Add/Drop policies as well as the refund schedules apply. (For refund schedules, consult the applicable Tuition & Fees table on the Student Accounts website.)

Some considerations to keep in mind regarding withdrawals:

Initiate the withdrawal yourself: If you are enrolled and fail to complete requirements in those classes, instructors will issue an Unsatisfactory (U) grade to you. If you are not yet enrolled, remember that students are withdrawn for lack of enrollment on the day after the Add/Drop deadline for the session. In both of these cases, your actions would be interpreted as an abandonment of your studies. If you take the initiative to document your withdrawal, you leave in good standing, which may be beneficial should you decide to return at a later date or are in subsequent need of recommendations.

Address outstanding obligations: If you have any financial obligations to CGU, be sure to address them at the time you leave or make arrangements to do so with Student Accounts (student.accounts@cgu.edu or 909-607-2613). Remember that outstanding obligations will prevent services to you such as the availability of transcripts and/or verifications of your attendance at CGU.

Know your financial aid responsibilities: If you were a financial aid recipient, remember that repayment periods generally begin six months after your last semester of enrollment. There is a general misunderstanding among consumers that repayment begins six months after graduation. Repayment schedules, however, are usually set to begun six months after the last semesterin which you were enrolled--and unit limits may apply. If you have any questions, check with our Financial Aid Office (finaid@cgu.edu or 909-621-8337) or direct to your lender.

Provide feedback: CGU is committed to improving its educational and other student experiences for its students. Please share your thoughts about our curriculum, our University, our services, especially if any of these were significant factors in departure decision.

CGU Records and Services

Student MyCGU and E-Mail: Generally these services are available to you for six months after your last semester of enrollment. Be sure to check the qualifications for lifetime alumni e-mail.

Library and Student Services: If you are not registered, you are not eligible for library access or other student services.

Transcripts: Your transcript is a permanent record of the University and is available to you provided you have no outstanding obligations to the University. Please review our transcript ordering procedures should you find it necessary to request your record.

Other Verifications: Unless you leave CGU with outstanding obligations, verifications of enrollment and degrees (if applicable) are available to you and third parties. Refer third parties to www.cgu.edu/verify for ordering instructions.

Returning to CGU: Other than your transcript, documentation that comprises your student file is maintained only for five years since your last enrollment semester. If you request readmission or apply to another CGU program, you may be required to provide documentation similar to any other new student.


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