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CGU Resources for 5C Instructors

To all of our instructors,

Our collaboration in The Claremont Colleges creates the rich and stimulating academic environment that is The Claremont Colleges. Thank you for sharing your resources with our CGU students.

The information, instructions, and links on this website have been provided to serve as a quick reference for you to CGU policies and procedures. Relevant dates are provided in the right sidebar. Changes are incorporated into this text as they occur. When referring students to forms and instructions, always refer students to the links on the CGU registrar's website. The URL for the registrar's website is

Registration Policies and Procedures

Process. CGU students register for all courses, including 5C classes, at CGU. This policy applies for all semesters, including summer. (See the Registering for Classes page)

5C Courses. Agreements among The Claremont Colleges require CGU students to obtain instructor permission to register in a 5C course. Students complete the Registration Form - Claremont Colleges Courses (available on the Registrar's Form Index) to document instructor permission. This form is also used by the student's department at CGU to indicate whether graduate credit is to be given for the student's enrollment in your course. Note that 5C courses that are added to the CGU Schedule of Classes have already been approved for graduate credit.

Dropping 5C Classes. CGU students may drop 5C classes by submitting a completed Registration (Add/Drop) Form (CGU) (available on the Registrar's Form Index) to the CGU Registrar's Office. Your initial on this form provides evidence of your concurrence with the student's request to drop your class.

Deadlines. Registration deadlines are published in the CGU Academic Calendar and CGU students receive refunds based on the CGU calendar rather than the 5C calendar if there are discrepancies. Reminders for deadlines are provided to students on the registrar's webpage and via email.

Exceptions. Exceptions to academic deadlines and financial policies require a petition by the student. Student instructions and forms are available on the Petitions and Exceptions to CGU Policy webpage on the CGU registrar's website.

Class Rosters. Enrollment information about CGU students is uploaded to the 5C student records database and should be available on your class rosters. If a student does not appear on your class roster, the student may not be properly enrolled. Refer students to their CGU departments or to the CGU registrar's office.

Sakai. If properly enrolled, CGU students will appear on your Sakai rosters. Ask students who do not appear in your Sakai community to verify their enrollment status in your course.

CGU Uploads to Jenzabar/Workday and Sakai. Real-time updates from CGU systems to 5C systems are not currently available. Periodic updates are communicated between CGU and the 5C systems.

Independent Study

Process. Enrollment in an independent study activity requires completion and submission of the Enrollment Contract & Registration Form for Independent Coursework (available on the Registrar's Form Index). The form should be completed jointly by the student and the instructor. Guidelines for instructors are available on the Registering for Classes page. Students submit completed forms direct to their CGU departments for approval.

Deadlines. Deadlines for enrollment in independent study activities are the same as for all other classes. These deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar.

Instructor Stipends. Practices vary from department to department and from institution to institution. Please consult the department sponsoring your independent study activity for applicable policies.

Grades & Grading

Official Grades. Official grades that can be given to CGU students are listed on the Grades & Grading webpage. If a grade not recognized at CGU is assigned by a 5C instructor, the grade is translated to a CGU-appropriate grade. Grades of D, D+, D-, and F are translated to a U (Unsatisfactory), and Pass/Fail grades are translated to S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory).

Grade Rosters and Deadlines. CGU students who are properly enrolled in 5C courses appear on your Jenzabar CX/Workday Student grade roster. You may submit grades for these students through your faculty portal. E-mail communications regarding student grades may be sent to and must be sent from your college's ".edu" e-mail address. Be sure to identify yourself as the instructor and provide the course catalog number of your class, the full name of the student, and the grade assigned. All grades must be submitted by the grading deadline established for the semester.

Students Not on a Grade Roster. If a CGU student does not appear on your grade roster, notify the CGU registrar immediately. Send an e-mail to and provide the student's full name, the course number, and the grade you are assigning.

Audits. For students auditing a course, you must make a grade roster submission of either AU (Successful completion of the audit) or U (Audit not completed/student never showed) - do not leave audit grade spaces blank. CGU minimum expectations for a successful audit are 80% attendance and participation, or the equivalent, as deemed by the instructor.

Incomplete Grades. CGU policy specifies that students who receive an Incomplete (I) grade, must have the I grade replaced within one year or the Incomplete will lapse to U (Unsatisfactory). Instructors may specify a shorter time period and/or assign an alternate default grade. Report all I grades through your 5C portal or roster. If you wish to shorten the Incomplete time period and/or specify an alternate grade, complete and submit an Incomplete Grade Submission & Student Contract (available on the Registrar's Form Index) form to the CGU registrar. 

Replacement of Incomplete Grades. Upon evaluation of new work submitted by a student, complete the Grade Change/Submission form (available on the Registrar's Form Index) and submit it to the CGU Registrar's Office. No explanation is required for changes to (I) Incomplete grades. Grades may also be communicated directed to the CGU registrar. Additional information is available for instructors on the Grades & Grading website.

Grade Changes. Except in the case of Incompletes, grade changes should be made only in the most exceptional circumstances or when administrative error is discovered. Grade changes are submitted on a Grade Change/Submission form (available on the Registrar's Form Index) and must include a full explanation for the change. Changes from permanent grades (such as a letter grade or S/U) to a temporary grade (such as Incomplete) are not accepted. Except for changes from I (Incomplete) and GP (Grade Pending), all grade changes are recorded on the student's transcript with the date of the grade change and the reason for the change. Additional information is available for instructors on the Grades & Grading website.


  • CGU Registrar's Office,, x18285 (on campus), 909-621-8285 (off campus), or 909-607-7285 (fax)

  • Your college registrar


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