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Visiting Student Scholars Visiting Student Scholars


Schools and departments may extend invitations to certain individuals for scholarly visits to CGU. Invitations generally provide access to the Claremont Libraries, but may entail other provisions.

Visiting Scholars. The University's Institutional Handbook (Section V: A) defines a process for visiting scholars, which must be approved by the Provost.

Visiting Student Scholars. When the visitor is a student, however, a less formal process applies.

The information on this page is in regard to visiting student scholars.

Invitation and Documentation

Invitations should be made in writing and specify the student's expected period of study at CGU. Because the individual is a student, visits are defined by the semesters announced in the Academic Calendar.

For international student visitors, the specific dates of arrival and termination of the study period should be documented for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) purposes. Individuals should consult with International Student Services for assistance with visa requests.


Form: Registration Form for Visiting Students (found on the Registrar's Form Index)

Individuals must register as Exchange Students, even if the student will not undertake unit-bearing courses. The Exchange Student status provides the visitor with a CGU e-mail address and library privileges.

Individuals complete and submit the Registration Form for Visitng Students to the inviting department. Visitors who do not enroll in unit-bearing courses must register for the Visiting Student Scholar designation. This designation requires enrollment in SUBJ 000, where SUBJ is the discipline or field of the department extending the invitation to the student.

NOTE: When hosting a Visiting Student Scholar, the host department must submit a Course Schedule request to the Registrar's Office to create SUBJ 0000, where the SUBJ is the discipline or field of the department extending the invitation to the student. The course title is Visiting Student Scholar, for which zero units are assigned.


Tuition and fees are based upon the enrolled units of the visiting student. Enrollment in the 0-unit course does not incur tuition, but individuals are assessed the Student Services Fee for library, e-mail, and other student privileges.

Note that other registration fees--such as Add/Drop fees, may apply, as applicable.


Students who require official documentation of courses and grades for work completed at CGU may request a transcript.


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