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Program Changes Program Changes


General Policies

Changes to student programs are governed by the academic policies of the programs involved.  These policies are detailed in the CGU Bulletin

  • Program changes are made through a Degree Change Request form which can be found on the Registrar's Forms Index page.
  • Program changes are effective at the beginning of the semester following the date the Registrar's Office receives the Degree/Certificate Program Change Request form (i.e. forms received in the Registrar's Office on or after the first day of the term, will be effective the first day of the following term).
  • Students are responsible for determining and finalizing departmental financial arrangements prior to submitting a request for a program change.
  • International students must consult the International Student and Scholar Services Office regarding any program changes.
  • Students who graduate from one program and are admitted into a new degree program are generally expected to begin the new program in the next semester.  Enrollment in a new program may be deferred, but for no more than one year.

Coursework for Multiple CGU Degrees

Students may only share units between two degrees. If a student completes two degrees and units are shared, he/she may not transfer or count any of the units from either of those degrees towards any subsequent CGU degree. 

Application of Units and Credits

For dual degrees, the number of units that may be accepted as transfer credit are limited as follows:

  • No more than 12 units for dual degrees that consist of a Masters/Doctoral combination.
  • No units for dual degrees that consist of two Masters degrees.

Double Counting 

Students in an approved dual degree may double count the number of units upon approval of the academic department(s) and the Registrar's Office. No more than 35% of the units from one program may be counted toward the required units of the second program.

Students who are not in a dual degree program may count units from one CGU degree to another as long as the coursework is applicable to the degree program receiving credit.
Previous CGU coursework credit that is applied toward a student's new program must be documented using the Apply CGU Coursework to an Additional CGU Degree form (available on the Registrar's Form Index)  This form is completed jointly by the student and the student's advisor and must be approved by the department.


  • Doctoral Degrees
    • If a student counts units from a completed  CGU master's degree in the exact same field, all master's units may count towards the doctoral degree upon approval.
    • If a student counts units from a completed CGU master's degree in a different field, a maximum of 24 related units may count towards the doctoral degree upon approval.
    • If a student did not or will not complete the master's degree and moves into a doctoral degree in the same field, all related units, upon approval, may count up to the maximum allowed in the doctoral program.
  • Master's Degrees
    • If a student transfers units from a completed CGU master's degree to a new master's degree, the number of units that may count are based on the number of units required to complete the new master's degree: 
    • No more than 15 units may be transferred into master's requiring 60 units
    • No more than 10 into those requiring 48 units
    • No more than 6 into those requiring fewer than 48 units

Common Terminology

Counts – This term is used to refer to the applicability of units or coursework toward a particular degree or  program.  Transcripts do not detail how individual units are counted or credited.

Carry Forward – Units or credit that are taken at another institution with whom CGU has an articulation agreement and counted toward a CGU degree program.  Examples: Accelerated BA/MA students take CGU courses while enrolled as an undergraduate in the Claremont Colleges; these units are counted toward the CGU master's program.  Also, students in joint doctoral programs with San Diego State University (SDSU) and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) count non-CGU units toward a CGU doctoral degree.
Transferring – The acceptance and application of units or coursework from one institution to another.  Students request transfer credit for coursework completed at another accredited graduate institution.


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