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Transfer Credit Transfer Credit


Coursework approved for transfer credit is documented on your transcript with a notation indicating the source of the transfer credit and the number of units for which you are credited. Individual courses and grades received are not recorded on your CGU transcript. Further, grades received for non-CGU or non-Claremont Colleges courses are not factored into your CGU record.

Requirements for Accepting Transfer Credit

Source: Only graduate-level coursework from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted as transfer credit. Courses taken toward a student's undergraduate degree from outside The Claremont Colleges are not acceptable for transfer credit to CGU. Courses offered by the Claremont Colleges or Claremont School of Theology (CST) are accepted only when enrollment is completed through CGU, or when a student is part of a university-approved accelerated Master's program such as the BA/MA accelerated degree program with the Claremont Colleges.

Documentation: An official transcript from the institution where the coursework was completed must be submitted to CGU.

Accounting: Units at CGU are based upon semester units, requiring a conversion if the units earned are quarter units. One quater unit equals .667 semester units. Fractions are dismissed, since CGU uses only whole units.

  • 36 quarter units convert to 24 semester units
  • 6 quarter units convert to 4 semester units
  • 3 quarter units convert to 2 semester units

Transfer units from another institution using semester hours cannot be changed i.e. 3 units changed to 4.

Achievement: Students must achieve a grade of B or better in any coursework accepted as transfer credit. Classes taken on a pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, or credit/no credit basis require official documentation from the institution indicating that the grade is equivalent to a B or better. 

Completion Dates: Transfer credit may be granted for coursework completed before an individual becomes a student at CGU as well as for coursework taken while the individual is a CGU student.

  • Applicants: Transfer credit for coursework completed before an individual becomes a student at CGU is submitted and evaluated as part of the individual application process. Departments must complete the Transfer Credit Request Form (found on the Registrar's Form Index), specifically identifying the courses for which transfer credit is to be granted.
  • Current Students: CGU students should obtain approval from the academic department prior to enrolling in courses outside of CGU. Upon completion of the course, a transcript is submitted to the academic department for review. Departments complete the Transfer Credit Request Form (found on the Registrar's Form Index), attach the official transcript, and submit the package to the Registrar's Office for processing.

Age of Courses: Individual programs reserve the right to deny transfer credit for any and all coursework that may be considered old, dated, or no longer relevant to the discipline.

Important Note: Claremont Graduate University (CGU) reserves the right to require review by a foreign credentials evaluator of any coursework for which transfer credit is requested. Reasons for requiring an external evaluation include the absence of an official transcript that certifies regional accreditation or affiliation with a regionally accredited institution; the absence of credit hour standards at which the coursework was completed that would assist in calculating and substantiating the amount of transfer credit requested. In the event an external evaluation is required, CGU's preferred provider is World Education Services ( 

Limits on Transfer Credit

Masters Degrees: The number of units accepted for transfer credit are limited, based upon the units required for the particular degree program.

  • 15 units, if 60 or more units are required for the degree
  • 10 units, if 48 to 59 units are required for the degree
  • 6 units, if less than 48 units are required for the degree

Doctoral Degrees: For doctoral degrees, no more than 24 units may be accepted as transfer credit. In addition, other stipulations apply.

    • Units that are transferred into a CGU program must be relevant to the student's program of study at CGU. This determination is made by the student's academic program.
    • In some cases, transfer credit may be assigned based upon the general content of a program completed outside CGU. This determination is made by the student's academic program. 
    • Coursework that was applied toward completion of a bachelor's degree may not be accepted for transfer credit.
    • The amount of transfer credit accepted for doctoral students may impact the student's residency requirement and time to degree.
Amount of Transfer Credit:
  • 13 units or more
    • Residency Requirement: 24 units within 2 years
    • Maximum Time to Degree: 6 years
  • 12 units or less
    • Residency Requirement: Two full semesters in 2 years, or 36 units in 2-1/2 years
    • Maximum Time to Degree: 6-1/2 years

 Dual Degrees: Limitations on transfer credit for dual degree programs are as follows.

    • No more than 12 units may be transferred into a dual degree program that consists of a Masters and a Doctoral combination.
    • No units may be transferred into a dual degree program that consists of two Masters degrees.

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