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Maintaining Your Student Status Maintaining Your Student Status


All students are required to maintain a student status for the duration of their period of study at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). Student status is maintained in the following ways.

  • Register for classes during the Fall and Spring semesters. Enrollment during the summer term is not required.
  • If course requirements are complete, register for Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study.
  • File for a Leave of Absence
  • International students must maintain student status per SEVIS requirements (consult the International Student and Scholar Services Office for more information).

Registration or filing for a leave of absence must be completed within the registration deadlines applicable to the semester and no later than the Add/Drop deadline to avoid being withdrawn for lack of enrollment. Note that there are different financial implications for submitting and processing transactions at different times during the semester. Consult the Academic Calendar for enrollment, registration, and refund schedules.

After the Add/Drop deadline, students are withdrawn by the University for lack of enrollment. An application for reinstatement may be required for the student to resume studies at CGU in a following term. This process is required if a student is not registered before the last day of the semester in which the student was withdrawn for lack of enrollment.

Auditing a course or enrolling in a 0-unit course without concurrent registration into either a unit-earning course or Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study does not maintain student status.

Students are responsible for the financial implications that result from any changes or delays to changes in student status. Always consult the Financial Aid Office regarding any impacts on financial aid eligibility. 

Continuous Registration/Doctoral Study

Students who have completed their course requirements and are working on other degree requirements that do not require enrollment in courses must nevertheless maintain their student status for continued advising services, use of library privileges, and for financial aid purposes. This requirement applies whether or not the student is physically on campus for the applicable semester.

During the registration period (Fall and Spring semesters), students must enroll in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study as appropriate.

  • Masters students enroll in Continuous Registration (400M).
  • Doctoral students enroll in Doctoral Study (499).

Eligibility: Enrollment in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study is restricted to masters and doctoral students who have completed at least one semester of course work in their degree program. Students who are new to a program may not enroll in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study during their first semester in the new program.

Registration Deadlines: Enrollment in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study is subject to the same registration deadlines as for other courses. You must enroll during the announced registration period to avoid late registration fees and before the Add/Drop deadline to avoid being withdrawn for lack of enrollment. Current fees for late registration and for enrollment changes are available from the Tuition & Fees chart on the Student Accounts webpage.

Registration Status: Students enrolled in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study are considered full time students for enrollment verification and financial aid purposes.

Restrictions: Continuous Registration and Doctoral Study are non-graded courses and do not earn units for the purposes of degree candidacy. Because these courses are not variable unit courses, no other unit-earning courses may be taken during a semester in which the student is enrolled in Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study. 

Other Registration Considerations

Registering in Unit-Earning Courses: Students who have outstanding financial aid or student loan obligations must be enrolled in unit-earning courses. Enrolling solely in courses on an audit basis does not constitute enrollement in unit-earning courses. When reported to the National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS)(and the University is required to make regular reports on student enrollments throughout the semester), these kinds of schedules trigger the repayment process for any outstanding loans in the student's name.

Time to Degree: Students are generally limited to ten semesters of Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study, primarily due to expectations on time to degree, financial aid eligibility, and considerations for debt accumulations undertaken by students. Additional semesters of Continuous Registration or Doctoral Study beyond the ten semesters are approved by the student's department.

Satisfactory Academic Progress: Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their degree programs.


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