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Commencement Participation Commencement Participation


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Participation Eligibility

All students and/or alumni must register to participate in Claremont Graduate University's commencement ceremony. Registration information will be sent to all eligible participants via email.

Participation is limited to the following groups:

  • Students/alumni who received their degrees* during the Summer and Fall semesters that immediately precede the current Spring semester and who have not participated in a previous ceremony for the same degree
  • Students graduating during the Spring semester who have not participated in a previous ceremony for the same degree
  • Students who will graduate in the upcoming Summer term and have had a Commencement Participation Petition approved by their academic department and the Provost.** This option is not available for the 2020 Commencement online celebration.

*Degrees are defined as master's or doctoral degrees.  Students who received or are receiving a certificate only are not eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

**Due to regalia ordering deadlines, students who register for commencement late or petition to participate in commencement may incur additional fees, including any rush or special handling charges for regalia.

Petitioning to Participate in Commencement (For upcoming summer degree recipients only) 

Because the 2020 Commencement celebration will be online and the in-person ceremony delayed for a future time, students intending to graduate in Summer 2020 are not eligible to petition to participate in the 2020 Commencement virtual celebration on May 30th.

Students graduating in the current spring term or who graduated in the previous fall or previous summer term do not need to submit a petition to participate in Commencement.

If you plan to receive a degree during the Summer term following the commencement ceremony and wish to participate in the current year's ceremony, you must petition to be allowed to participate. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

You must complete your degree requirements and graduate during this year's Summer term. Because you must be enrolled for the semester in which you expect to graduate, your student account must be free of any financial obligations and other academic holds. Please note that you must also meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards in order to graduate from CGU. If you are on academic probation, you may not petition to participate in Commencement.

Doctoral students: You must have submitted and expect to successfully defend and complete all revisions to your dissertation by the deadline published for the summer term.

Master's students: Three requirements must be met. (1) At the end of this Spring semester, you must need no more than eight (8) units to complete your degree program. (2) You will complete your degree program during the Summer term. (3) You must be enrolled for the Summer semester.

To participate in Commencement, you must complete a Commencement Participation Petition and submit it to the Registrar's Office with the following attachments and approvals:

  • Personal statement, indicating how you meet the qualifications to participate in Commencement
  • Intent to Receive a Degree for the Summer term
  • Approvals from your advisor, the dean of your school, and your department's administrator

Before submitting your petition, make sure it is complete and that you have attached the required documents and obtained the necessary approvals. Incomplete petitions will delay the processing of your request.

Petitions are reviewed by the Registrar's Office and approval is granted by the Provost. Once approved, the Registrar's Office will provide you with information and instructions regarding ordering graduation regalia. 

Petitions processed and approved before the publication deadline for the Commencement Program will allow your name to be listed on the Anticipated Summer Degrees page in the Commencement Program.

Students who have successfully petitioned and participated in a commencement ceremony, are not eligible to participate in the ceremony again for the same degree.

Deadlines Deadlines


Deadlines for Commencement Participation Petitions

Students completing degrees in Spring should refer to the degree completion deadlines/timelines in the Academic Calendar and are not required to submit a Commencement Participation Petition. The deadlines below apply to students who anticipate graduating in the upcoming summer term and are requesting permission to participate in this year's commencement ceremony.*

Note that Commencement Participation Petitions require both the approval of the academic advisor as well as the school or program's Dean/Director. Please allow sufficient time to obtain these signatures; absolutely no petitions will be accepted or reviewed if lacking the required signatures or received in Registrar's Office after the Commencement Participation Petition deadline below.

N/A for 2020Deadline for receipt of Commencement Participation Petitions. Submit completed (with required signatures) petitions to the Registrar's Office by this date.


*Due to regalia ordering deadlines, students who register for commencement late or petition to participate in commencement may incur additional fees, including any rush or special handling charges that may be incurred. For information on these additional fees contact Huntley Bookstore at 909-607-1503.


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