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Definition of Alumni Definition of Alumni


For the purposes of this policy, alumni are CGU students who have earned a CGU degree and are not currently enrolled in a degree program at CGU.

Participants in degree programs at CGU are considered current students regardless if the student has earned a previous degree from CGU. For these individuals, continuing student policies and procedures apply.

Individuals who previously attended CGU, but did not receive a degree, are not considered alumni for the purpose of this policy. These individuals may enroll in summer courses as a Summer Visitor or must petition for reinstatement as a CGU student. If the last semester of enrollment for the former student was five or more years, an application through Admissions is required. Tuition and fees for the semester of enrollent apply for all enrolled and visiting students.

Enrollment Enrollment


Alumni Enrollment in Courses

Enrollment in courses must be completed before the Add/Drop deadline for regular session announced in the Academic Calendar for the semester of interest.

  1. Download and complete the Registration Form for Visiting Students.
  2. Permission of the instructor is required for the alumnus to enroll in any course, whether on a graded or audit basis.
  3. The alumnus' signature is required on the registration form.
  4. The completed form is submitted to the academic department. Upon approval, the form is sent to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  5. Payment of fees is made to Student Accounts.

Alumni are limited to no more than 12 units or three courses on an alumni registration basis. Beyond that, students should return to CGU as a student in a new degree program. Refer to CGU instructions regarding Admission.

Alumni Tuition and Fees

Applicable tuition and fees are available from the Tuition & Fees table on the Student Accounts website. The following provisions apply to alumni who meet the definition above.

  • A 50% discount off the current per unit rate applies, provided the total number of enrolled units in the semester is less than 12.
  • No discount applies to enrollment in 12 or more units.
  • The CGU Student Fee/Technology Fee is required during each semester of enrollment.
  • Department aid is not available for non-degree seeking students.
  • Refunds, if any, are based upon Add/Drop deadlines and the Financial Calendar under which Student Accounts operates.

Note: Per federal requirements, financial aid is NOT available to alumni and students in non-degree programs, such as Certificate programs.

Alumni Transcript Records

The CGU transcript is an official record of an individual's enrollment at the University. When an alumnus is enrolled for courses in a new term, the term is created on the student's transcript and the course or courses recorded, similar to other CGU courses taken by the student. All grades received are factored into the student's GPA.

If the alumnus is subsequently admitted as a student, courses taken as an alumnus may be counted toward the student's degree program if applicable to the discipline or field of the degree. See ordering transcripts.

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