Reserving Classrooms and Other CGU Facilities Reserving Classrooms and Other CGU Facilities


Reserving Classrooms & Other CGU Facilities

Usage Policies

Classroom space is assigned according to the following usage priority.

  1. Academic courses - listed in the CGU Schedule of Classes
  2. Qualifying exams and dissertation defenses
  3. TA sessions
  4. Faculty/Staff requests for meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.

Rooms for classes are assigned approximately one month before the start of the term. Events that have been tentatively scheduled before classes are assigned may be bumped when courses are importe into EMS. If your event is bumped, it is your responsibility to submit a new EMS request to reschedule your event. The Registrar's Office does not automatically reassign space for events.

Student groups submit requests through academic department staff.

Requests to utilize non-classroom space such as conference rooms, courtyards, and patios are submitted to the appropriate office and confirmed based on availability.

Requests for the use of CGU facilities by non-CGU entities are not generally accepted. Contact the registrar's office with any questions.

Important Notice Regarding Use of Computer Labs

Two computer labs have been designated as classroom space--ACB 126 and Harper 6. Priority for usage of these labs is given to courses that appear in the CGU Schedule of Classes. With the exception of adjustments to allocate space for enrollment fit, courses should not be asked to relocate for any reason or for any period of time. Department users who require access to computers for courses, exams, or other official academic activities, should contact IT to determine available alternatives.

Information regarding room technology capabilities and computer labs is available at the appropriate IT website or from the IT Help Desk.

Compliance with ADA Accommodation Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and guidelines adopted by the U.S. Department of Education for educational institutions, requires that public venues provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, including accommodations to ensure access to required facilities and services. Consistent with these regulations, the Registrar's Office reserves the right to bump or reassign classes and events for courses that must be relocated to accommodate faculty and/or students with disabilities.

Note to Conference/Events Planners

Reservations for CGU classrooms are not considered confirmed until released by the Registrar's Office after courses have been placed for the semester. Because all classroom facilities (including auditoria) at CGU give priority to the scheduled classes, reservations for conferences and other public events that require advanced publicity should be made at designated conference facilities at The Claremont Colleges. If you book classroom space, be sure to check EMS to verify that your booking has not been bumped by a course assignment. Verifications should be made following the Add/Drop deadline for the semester.

Procedure and Guidelines

All space on campus is now managed electronically via the Virtual Event Management System (EMS).

  • Browsing for available space is open to anyone as a guest user.
  • Reservation requests are only accepted from CGU faculty and staff.
  • To access the reservation feature, faculty and staff are required to request a user account and password.
  • All departments on campus have at least one designated representative with EMS access.
  • Events can be requested up to one year in advance and space tentatively assigned. Please note, however, that priority usage guidelines still apply. Previously reserved space may be negatively impacted when classes are scheduled. When events are bumped due to class scheduling, it is the responsibility of the requesting party to search for an alternative space and submit a new request.
  • During the scheduling process and through the first few weeks of the semester, changes to classroom assignments may be made based upon course enrollments and room capacities.

Scheduling Events on Weekends, Holiday, and Campus Closure Periods

Non-standard hours includes weekends, holidays, and periods during which campus business operations are closed. For campus sustainability reasons, booking requests for non-standard hours are scheduled first in ACB and then in Stauffer. Exceptions may apply for users that require multiple classroom facilities for breakout sessions and for other meeting needs. Additional charges are assessed by Facilities for the cost of HVAC (air conditioning, heating) systems as well as for custodial services beyond regularly scheduled services.

When bookings for non-standard hours are made less than 72 hours before the beginning of the event, it is the host's responsibility to make arrangements direct with CGU Facilities to have the building opened and closed, to ensure that rest room facilities are available and clean, and that HVAC (air/heating) services are activated. Additional charges may apply.

Service Requests

Technology (AV) Requests
When reserving space, you can simultaneously request your AV needs. In the web request form, identify your needs by selecting from the menu of options available for that space. NOTE: Additional confirmation may be needed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) for AV requests. Please contact OIT for further information.

Facilities Department Requests
When reserving space, you can specify other facilities needs such as tables, chairs, podium, trash cans, etc. In the web request form, select the necessary items from the menu of options available for that space.

Weekend Scheduling
See note under Procedure and Guidelines, above. Additional charges are assessed by Facilities for the cost of HVAC (air conditioning, heating) systems as well as for custodial services beyond those regularly scheduled services.

How to Access EMS

When you click on the above link, you will be redirected to the EMS Welcome Page, which provides additional information. Click on the EMS logo at the bottom of the page to continue.

  • To browse for available space
  • To submit a space reservation
  • To request a logon or to log into EMS (CGU campus users only)

Requirements and limitations for EMS account users include the following.

    • Availability of EMS logons is limited to CGU department staff.
    • For liability reasons, logons are not available to students.
    • A CGU e-mail address and campus extension are required for all EMS users.

CGU Facilities & Capacities

Academic Computing (ACB)

  • 106 (6)
  • 108 (30)
  • 119 (12)
  • 126 (Lab, 30)
  • 208 (17)
  • 214 (48)

Burkle Family Building

  • 12 (56)
  • 14 (56)
  • 16 (90)
  • 17 (8)
  • 19 (8)
  • 22 (18)
  • 24 (22)
  • 26 (22)

Harper Hall

  • 1 (12)
  • 2 (10)
  • 6 (Lab, 12)
  • 10 (6)
  • 53 (10)
  • 55 (8)
  • 61 (8)
  • 63 (7)
  • 65 (8)

McManus Hall

  • 31 (18)
  • 33 (22)
  • 35 (22)

Stauffer Hall of Learning

  • Albrecht (Aud, 100)
  • 106 (35)
  • 110 (25)

Non-Classroom Spaces

  • DesCombs Quad (200)
  • Rosecrans Courtyard (200)

Administrative Spaces

Reserved through the Finance Office. Please call (909) 607-7866 to request one of these spaces.

  • Atkins Lobby (100)
  • Blaisdell Fountain (100)
  • Board of Trustees Room (35)
  • Harper Courtyard (100)
  • McManus Conference Roon (30)
  • Treasurer's Conference Room (10)

Drucker Spaces

Reserved through the Drucker School. Email to request one of these spaces.

  • Jenkins Courtyard (100)
  • Humana/BofA Terrace (50)

Facilities above reserved through Student Affairs. Classroom space is booked by the Registrar's Office, or (909) 621-8285. Non-classroom space is booked by the Dean of Student's Office, (909) 607-9448.


Registrar's Office, or (909) 621-8285.

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