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Director Shamini Dias, PhD
Preparing Future Faculty 
Student Success Center
Claremont Graduate University
131 E.10th Street
Claremont, CA 91711
909 607 6225 l


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Preparing Future Faculty programs and services include:

The PFF Certificate in College Teaching. This is our flagship program. The Certificate helps you develop pedagogical knowledge and skills for teaching in post-secondary settings. It also helps you develop a robust teaching portfolio that can serve you in your job search and beyond. You can earn the PFF Certificate through a flexible, self-paced Open Workshops Pathway or through the PFF Courses.

Workshops. We offer 21 workshops each semester. Our workshops cover teaching and learning theory, practice, and design. If you are not working toward the PFF Certificate but are interested in developing your knowledge and skills as a teacher-scholar, you may attend the workshops on an ad hoc basis. All workshops are open to CGU students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as to the 7Cs community.

Personalized Consultation. Do you need help with your teaching? Your syllabus? Your lesson plan? Your rubric? Your teaching portfolio? Even if you are not working toward the PFF Certificate, our consultation services are always open to you. The PFF consultation system is free to all CGU students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  And you can meet with a PFF Fellow in-person, via Skype, or via our e-mail review system. Upload teaching related documents such as lesson plans, syllabi, etc. for review by a PFF Fellow.


PFF is for you if you are:
1. preparing for a career in teaching in academic settings or outside of academia and want to build a strong portfolio of teaching tools.
2. already teaching or are an experienced teacher and want to engage with a community of like-minded teachers to continue improving your work. 
3. preparing for a career in any setting where you will consult, coach, and lead others in learning. We welcome students from the Drucker School of Management as well as from Art Business, Arts Management, Human Resource Development, Music, and Art.

Did you know we have a bookshelf full of books you can borrow? Come by our office and see the literature we have on good pedagogy.

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