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Certificate Policies Certificate Policies


These policies apply to all workshops that you would like to count toward the PFF Certificate in College Teaching. 

Workshop Attendance

Workshop attendance is tracked through sign-in sheets. If you do not sign the sign-in sheet you might not be given credit for attendance. You must attend the entire workshop, or your name will be removed from the sign-in sheet.

During summer intensives a $50 hold will be placed on your student account. If you sign-up for a module then you miss more than one workshop, you will be assessed a $50 fee.


If there are too many people to fit in the workshop, participants who RSVPed (or registered in the summer) first will be given priority.


Assignments for each module are due two weeks after each Module's workshops are finished. (There are no deadlines for Module 3 or Capstone assignments.)

If you do not submit the assignments by the deadline, the assignments will be considered Not Submitted (NS). If you have not submitted the assignments four weeks after the due date (6 weeks after the Module's workshops are over) you will have to take the workshops again before you can submit the assignments.

If you need to submit an assignment after the due date email

Making Progress

You should be able to complete the PFF Teaching Certificate in three semesters. If you are inactive for six months (do not attend any workshops or turn in assignments), we will reach out to you though email. If you are inactive after this time and want to return, you must schedule a review meeting with PFF to move forward with the program. At this review meeting, we will determine if you need to re-do some workshops or assignments.


You must submit an Intent to Receive Degree/Certificate form to the Registrar by the deadlines for Spring, Summer, and Fall degrees as stipulated at

In addition, when you do your Exit Interview with PFF to complete the Certificate, you will fill out the Final Approval Form that PFF will submit to the Registrar. The timing of this submission determines if your Certificate will be issued in Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Accomodations: Diverse Abilities & Approaches

At Preparing Future Faculty, we seek the success of all participants. We realize that students bring diverse abilities and approaches to our workshops. With this in mind, we will do our best to work with each participant to find the most appropriate means of participation to achieve and demonstrate the successful completion of PFF's learning goals. Please contact us at or (909) 607-6225 if you have any questions or concerns.

Staging Enabled