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We welcome non-CGU participants who are interested in earning the PFF Certificate in College Teaching.

The PFF Certificate in College Teaching recognizes your progress through a rigorous program to acquire pedagogical knowledge and develop your skills and capacities to excel as an educator in post-secondary settings. You also develop a robust portfolio that will serve you well in your job search and beyond.

You may participate in this program to earn the Certificate through the PFF Course pathway that comprises three PFF Courses:

PFF 531: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

PFF 520: Teaching Philosophy and Course Design in Higher Education

PFF 521: Applied Pedagogy: Practicum and Portfolio.

PFF 531 and PFF 520 may be taken in sequence or concurrently. However, you may only enroll in PFF 521 after completing PFF 520.

These are semester long seminar courses, with a maximum of 10 students per class. Classes meet once a week for 2 hours and 50 minutes. PFF 521 uses a project-based learning approach to give you flexibility in working on your Practicum and Portfolio requirements.

In working through the courses, you will maintain a Reflections Journal as you engage in reflective practice to develop your identity and philosophy as a teacher-scholar. On completing the Certificate, you will have a portfolio comprising the following items: A teaching philosophy statement, a comprehensive course syllabus (course rationale, learning outcomes aligned with assessment plans, a course syllabus, sample rubrics), and an electronic academic portfolio site. You will also have a teaching toolkit with resources for teaching that you will have created together with your classmates in PFF 531.

Each of the courses cost $1390.00 (academic year 2016-17). Please check CGU's schedule of tuition of fees for the latest updates.

To enroll, please contact pff@cgu.edu


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