MyCampus Portal First Time User FAQs

If you have never logged on to this portal before or if you have forgotten your Login ID, please Click Here

We suggest you review this list of items before logging into the myCampus Portal for the first time.

If at any time you need to speak with a live person for help, please contact the OIT HelpDesk at 909-621-8174 or 800-630-8893. Helpdesk coverage is available 24/7.

What is a portal?

A website that consolidates numerous applications, resources, services to provide a single point of entry.

What can I expect when I initially log in?

After logging in the very first time, you will be asked to complete a set of security questions and answers. Please be prepared to create both the question and the answer. This information is critical for our HelpDesk to help reset your password and protect your security. Follow the directions on the screen to accomplish this task. HINT: be sure to click the "show text" text box to view and verify the text as you type your security answers.

What else can I expect as a new user?

As a first time user, you will be prompted to also reset your password to replace the initial password generated for you by our system. Follow the directions on the screen.

I am a newly matriculated student, why is it important to reset my password the first time I log into my portal?

As a newly matriculated student you are asked to change your password to enhance the privacy and security of your portal access.

What is meant by "Single Sign On" (SSO)

Single Sign On, or SSO, permits a user to enter a CGU username (login ID) and password once to access multiple systems automatically.

How do I navigate to myCampus Portal and log in?

Enter into any web browser. (Do not type "www".) Use your current Claremont Graduate University Login ID and Password.

What browser should I use?

On Windows computers you may use Firefox 9+, Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome. On Mac computers you may use Firefox 9+, Safari 4+, Google Chrome.

I really need to speak to a live person for help.

No worries, please contact the HelpDesk 909-621-8174 or 800-630-8893. Helpdesk coverage ishours a day, 7 days a week (yes, that means holidays and weekends)

Can I access myCampus Portal from the University wireless network?

Yes, myCampus Portal can be accessed from any available wired or wireless network connection on campus. Note: if you are experiencing trouble accessing your portal, be sure to first verify that you have internet connectivity.

If you are on campus and are experiencing problems connecting to the internet, contact our help desk at

Can I access myCampus Portal from off-campus?

Yes, you can access from anywhere you have internet access.

Can I access myCampus Portal from my mobile device?

Yes, you can access from any mobile device including smartphones and tablets.

What can I access through myCampus Portal?

Your valid CGU user login and password allows you to access by single sign on the applications for which you are currently authorized, based on your role as a student, staff or faculty.

13.What if I have more than one role at CGU, for example, I am both a student and a staff?

You will continue to log in to each role using your separate user ID and password, based on your current access as a staff or student accordingly. If you see any discrepancies or have questions about what you are accessing after you log in, please contact the Help Desk.

Can I access all of my personal CGU Information (e.g. emergency contact information, course listings, grades, etc.) in

Yes, all material that you currently have access to pertaining to your role as Student, Faculty member or Employee will be available in This is referred to as role-based access.

What does "role-based" mean?

The term role-based means that you will access the applications and information that you currently have authorization for as either a student, staff or faculty.

Where can I send my comments and suggestions to improve myCampus Portal?

After logging into, you will see a text link named "Feedback" icon in the black navigation bar at the top of the page. Or you may email

How do I sign out of myCampus Portal?

Click the "Sign Out" button on the upper right corner next to the Search icon. You will be globally signed out of all the applications you signed into. After Signing out, please always exit or quit the browser completely to maintain a more secure computing environment. After signing out of the portal, you will be globally signed out of all applications you had been logged in to.

How do I use the LaunchPad?

Click an icon. A new browser Tab or Window will open with the application or resource.

How do I use QuickLinks?

Click on a link in the Quick Links list. The content will either be displayed in the information area or in a new browser tab or window.

Can I use my browser's forward and back button to navigate

For a more consistent experience, we recommend using the navigation tools provided within the portal itself rather than using the browser's Forward and Back buttons.

Can I access my email account?

Yes, after logging in, click on the email icon in the launch pad.

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