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Where is the A/V equipment office located? What are the office hours?

The office is located in the Academic Computing Building, room 118.  Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:30 am until 10pm.

How do I contact the office?

You can contact the office by phone at x73695 (or 909-607-3695 if off campus), or by e-mail at  Also, in the case of an emergency, you can contact the computer help desk at x18174.

I wish to reserve a room. Who do I contact?

Please go to your Academic Department.  Each Academic Department has a designated person who can reserve a room for your event and also add technology set up requests to the room reservation.

What equipment is already built in to the rooms?

Please go to the Room Capabilities page for an up to date listing of rooms and their capabilities. 

I wish to reserve audio visual equipment that is not already built into the rooms. Who do I contact?

If you need to request / reserve instructional technology to be setup for a CGU course which already has a reserved classroom, please send an email to with the following information:

* Room number of class
* Date of class
* Start and end time of class
* Course subject and course number (for example, MGT 301)
* Your name and contact information
* Technology needed
* Do you need just this one time or for the entire semester?
* Room reservation # if you have it

If you do not have a reserved room yet, please go to your Academic Department.  Each Academic Department has a designated person who can reserve a room for your event and also add technology set up requests to the room reservation.

What do I need in order to check-out/check-in equipment?

In order to check out equipment from the Audio/Visual department, a student, staff or faculty member must present a student/staff/faculty school Identification card.  If one cannot provided, some other form of identification must be provided, like a verifiable CGU email address and driver's licenses.  You are advised to use this equipment for academic related work only.  Please be sure to make time to fill out a check out form when you arrive to pick up your equipment.

When returning equipment, all are required to return all checked-out equipment in the same fashion as it was given to them. Further, the person whom checked out the equipment must also be the one returning said equipment, due to liability issues, unless they provide their proxy with a signed note or phone call to the attendant, which can be matched with the signature on the check-out form.

I have the same class every week and wish to use the same piece of equipment each week. Can I reserve a piece of equipment multiple times in multiple weeks at a time?

Yes. Contact the Audio Visual office (contact information listed above), and let them know the details. They will work to meet your request. Only professors and staff are able to take this option. Students are only allowed 3 day check-out intervals with a minimum of a week before they can check out the same piece of equipment again, especially laptops.  Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, and by contacting the department, and explaining the circumstances of you situation, they will gladly work with you to see what can be done.

What is the scheme for priority for equipment reservations?

All equipment is on a first come, first served basis.

What do I need to do at the end of class?

Please log off of the computer, as your login allows access to your personal files. Also, please shut down all equipment, and return it to its proper place. Place all wireless devices back in the cabinet, and the mouse on the charger.  Make sure you lock up any equipment that you retrieved from a secure place. Do not leave it in the classroom. Please remove any documents that you need or were working on, because the computers will erase any information that was placed on them, during next log out.

What equipment is available for checkout?

We have the following equipment for check out: laptops, data projectors, cassette recorders, microphones, camcorders and tripods, PA systems, overhead projectors, digital still cameras and more.

Do I have to pick up equipment that I requested, or can I send a student?

Our first preference is that the user of the equipment come to the office and pick it up. At that time, they will be asked to sign the check out form.  If it is not possible for the user to pick up the equipment, someone else must be sent. The above mentioned responsibilities form must be signed, however, by the user before the equipment may leave the office.  If facilities is handling the transport of this equipment, please remember that they are doing this as a favor, and that it is not part of their job.

Who do I contact if I need help setting up the equipment?

The Audio/Visual department will assist you in equipment setups. Contact information is listed above.

What do I do if I have setup the equipment, but cannot get it to work properly?

Contact Instructional Technology  by phoning the office at x73695.  If there is no one available to take your call, in emergencies like this, contact the Help Desk at x18174.


If there are additional items you would like address are not mentioned in this document, please send e-mail to the Audio Visual office at​​​​​

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