Frequently Asked Questions about Email at CGU

Click on a question below to see its answer. If you do not find any question that applies to your specific problem, please send an email to our help desk,, or call our help desk at 1-8174 (if on campus), 909-621-8174 (if off campus), or 1-800-630-8893 (toll free).


  • How do I access my CGU email?
    • Visit the CGU portal at
    • Log in with your standard CGU user name and password
    • Click on the link labeled "Email", located along the left edge of the web page
    • If needed, type your complete CGU email address in the first box, and your current CGU password in the second box
    • You can also go directly to the email log in page and by pass the CGU portal by visiting the web page at
  • How big is my email box?
    All CGU email boxes are given 50gb of storage space for their email. As your email box nears capacity, you will receive warning messages. You will be restricted from sending emails when you have used 49.5gb of storage space.

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