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The Claremont Graduate University Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to offer alumni an e-mail account powered by Google.  This service is FREE to all CGU alumni.  Your CGU Alumni Google e-mail account will also include a suite of applications:

  • Google Mail- conversation views, easy searching and archiving of e-mail. You will never need to delete an e-mail again.
  • Google Calendar- schedule your professional and social life, create and share calendars, and invite others to meetings and events.
  • Google Docs- great for keeping track of your files -- available anytime, anywhere. Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Access to Google Sites and Google Talk.
  • Google Groups- connect with other alumni with similar interests.
  • Over 7GB of allocated space to store your data.

This new service is an actual email account, not email forwarding. (However, the CGU Alumni Google account does allow for you to forward your email to a third-party e-mail address - if you choose.)

Accessing your CGU alumni email account:

The Alumni Relations office will send an email to your CGU student email account, informing you of your alumni email address and password.  To access your CGU alumni email account, follow the below steps:

  • use a web browser and go to
  • in the box labeled "Email", enter your entire CGU alumni email address (generally, it is
  • enter the password that was provided to you
  • and click on the "Sign in" button
  • the first time you log in
    • you will be asked to agree to Google's policies; click the "accept" button once you have read the agreement
    • you will be required to change your password; your new password must be at least 8 characters long


Transferring your saved emails from your CGU student email account to your alumni email account:

Instructions to transfer your saved emails from your CGU student email account are available here.

Adding your CGU Alumni Google e-mail account to your iPad, iPod, or iPhone

Instructions to add your CGU Alumni Gmail account to your iOS device are available here.


Requesting Help:

For assistance with your CGU Alumni Google e-mail account, visit the web pages at:

You should contact Alumni Relations at

  • you do not have an alumni email account
  • you need your alumni email address corrected
  • you need your alumni email account password reset

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Instant Messaging, Phone, or via Email.

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You should receive an E-mail confirmation within 1 hour of submitting a request.

If you do not receive an E-mail confirmation, please contact the Help Desk again:


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