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CGU seeks to help its staff members gain job-specific or general knowledge, skills, and abilities; establish meaningful contacts with colleagues within and outside of CGU; and impart industry-specific best practices. To that end, CGU will invest in a series of on-campus trainings each year, and will also prioritize off-campus training opportunities.

The Human Resources Office has a professional development budget for staff for each fiscal year. Each July, the HR Office will send out a request to each dean, director, and vice President, asking for general topics and recommendations for training for staff in that area.

Each staff member requesting training is required to submit the Professional Development Request form to the Human Resources Director and to his/her supervisor with a summary of the training concepts and key takeaways that can be applied to their position and/or processes. Once the training is completed the staff member needs to complete the Professional Development Feedback form and may also be asked to give a presentation to other staff about lessons learned.

If you have any questions about professional development, please reach out to Alejandra Gaytan at 909-607-4404 or

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