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To waive out of the university plan, please complete the application online by September 6, 2020View the SHIP waiver or enrollment website

Students who are unsure whether they want to enroll in the university plan, or search for private insurance should review the UnitedHealthCare Plan Brochure under 2020-2021 Plan Details to compare coverages, exemptions and out-of-pocket maximums.

Domestic Plan Information Domestic Plan Information



CGU student health insurance plan (SHIP) through UnitedHealthCare is required for all domestic (U.S. citizens, permanent residents and undocumented) students enrolled in six or more units.

Students who are enrolled in less than six units; an online program; doctoral study (course 499: Doctoral Study); or continuous registration (course 400M: Continuous Registration) are exempt AND do not required to enroll or submit a waiver form.

Students who are enrolled in six or more units of coursework, and have comparable coverage can apply to waive out of the domestic insurance plan. If the student's existing coverage meets the minimum requirements, the waiver management system will remove them from being enrolled.  Examples of coverage that will meet the minimum requirements: 

  1. Any Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant coverage 

  2. Medical insurance purchased through the California health insurance exchange – Covered California. 

  3. Medical insurance through an employer, spouse or parents. 

  4. Medi-Cal 

  5. Student veterans enrolled in the VA Health Care program. Confirmation from the VA Office should be provided as proof of coverage.

  6. American Indian students receiving coverage from Indian Health Services. Tribal card can be provided as proof of coverage.

Students interested in learning more about comparable insurance plans should contact the SLDL Office at healthins@cgu.edu for enrollment information.

2020-2021 PLAN DETAILS 

The current SHIP website, which includes coverage information is available online: View the SHIP website.

Plan Brochure (click here to view cost & coverages): View PDF

UHC Certificate (contact between UHC and student): View PDF

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Waiver Deadline
Term Only
Spring/ Summer
Opt-In Only1/4/2021-
Term Only
Opt-In Only5/13/2021-



To waive out of the university plan for 2020-2021, please complete the application online by September 6View the SHIP waiver or enrollment website

The waiver period is open once per academic year, and is required each year of enrollment at CGU.

Students who are exempt, or who lose their private insurance and want to enroll in the university plan should contact healthins@cgu.edu

Students on a medical leave of absence will not be removed or have their policy cancelled for that semester. 

All students enrolled at The Claremont Colleges are eligible to access services provided by Student Health Services Center on campus. To review services, and schedule an appointment, please visit their website.   

UnitedHealthCare Contact Information

UnitedHealthcare offers enrolled students access to a student-only site to help manage their plan. Features include the ability to download their insurance ID card, find a doctor or hospital nearby, view claims information, and more. View the UnitedHealthCare website

Students can also contact UnitedHealthCare's customer service at 1-900-767-0700 or customerservice@uhcsr.com.

virtual & telehealth Services 

As part of CGU's commitment to providing a medical insurance plan, students will have access to unique medical and counseling services.  All these services are free of charge to students enrolled in SHIP. 


Through BetterHelp, a national virtual counseling service, you can get the help you want, the way you want it. Students enrolled in SHIP have access to Psychologists (PhD/ PsyD), Marriage and Family therapists (LMFT), Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC). These professional licensed counselors will be available to you via ongoing text communications, live chat, phone, video or group-inars. For more information, view PDF or register at www.counseling4students.com.  


CGU has partnered with HealthiestYou to provide you with round-the-clock (24/7) access to board-certified physicians. Students enrolled in SHIP can connect with a physician via phone and/or video chat using this nationwide telehealth service. The service can also prescribe medications delivered to a pharmacy near you.  No more waiting at the doctor's office – receive care instantly when you need it. For more information, view PDF, call 1-855-870-5858 or visit www.telehealth4students.com


The Claremont Colleges is offering Campus.Health - telehealth/online medical and counseling services to all CGU students- to expand and supplement services currently available at the Student Health Services Center. Campus.Health makes it easy for students to get quality medical and mental health care online or from their phone, anytime they need it.

Students now have access to Campus.Health, which provides 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care for all students at no cost! To get started, visit Campus.Health. Register now and use the service when you need it. Students please see your campus email or contact the Dean of Students at deanof.students@cgu.edu


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