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CGU offers two health insurance plans: 1) the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for domestic students through Ascension Collegiate Solutions and 2) the International Student Organization (ISO) plan for international students.

For domestic students, enrollment in SHIP is optional. For international students, enrollment in ISO is mandatory.

Details on the policies can be found below.

For additional information:

  • Domestic SHIP Plan: Ascension
  • International Accident and Sickness Plan: ISO

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Domestic Students Domestic Students



CGU insurance is optional for domestic students. Domestic students interested in participating in The Claremont Colleges Student Health Insurance Plan should enroll directly with the insurance broker, Ascension Collegiate Solutions. This may be done online using a major credit card.

Students on a medical leave of absence who are enrolled in the plan will continue to remain on the plan for that semester. If you will be on a leave of absence and wish not to be covered during that semester, you must notify Ascension directly.

The current SHIP plan brochure, which includes prices and coverage information, is available online: View the SHIP brochure.

Dependent coverage: Students interested in enrolling a dependent should contact Ascension directly.

International Students International Students


F-1 Visa Holders

All international students with F-1 visas are required to pay the International Student Services Fee (every fall and spring), which includes the ISO accident and sickness plan. This coverage is mandatory for all F-1 international students who are registered in coursework, doctoral study or continuous registration.

J-1 Visa Holders

J-1 visa holders can enroll directly by visiting the ISO site. J-1 visa regulations state that all exchange visitors (as well as their accompanying spouses and dependents) should have insurance in effect that covers them for sickness or accidents during the time of their exchange visitor program.  For more information, visit the government's website.

Dependents and Other Visa Categories

Students interested in enrolling a dependent should email:

All other visa types are not eligible to participate through the university plan.

Summer Start

All incoming summer-start international students will not be enrolled in the ISO plan until the first fall semester of their academic program. If summer-start students would like coverage for the summer months, they must enroll directly with ISO.


The current ISO plan brochure, which includes prices and coverage information, is available online: View the ISO brochure.

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