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 Leslie Negritto

Leslie Negritto, Vice President of Finance and Administration/Treasurer, is responsible for the fiscal leadership of Claremont Graduate University. A wide variety of functions are performed within this office including; Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities, and Finance (which includes Accounting and Budget Prep).

Services provided by the Finance Office include:

Other Finance & Administrative Services are performed by The Claremont Colleges Services. These services include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Receipts
  • Risk Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Real Estate & Housing

For more information regarding The Claremont Colleges Services, go to

Policies and Procedures

In an effort to ensure that all faculty and staff are informed of CGU's current Policies and Procedures, the Office of Finance and Administration utilizes PolicyStat to catalog all CGU policies, procedures into one central library. We urge you to visit CGU's PolicyStat website and look through all of our policies and procedures.

In addition, we have kept our Quick Links table (See below) which takes you directly to CGU's most commonly requested policies, procedures and forms in PolicyStat so that you can quickly complete your task. If you have any questions regarding the information contained PolicyStat or Quick Links, please contact the Treasurer's Office.

Quick Links to most commonly requested policies, procedures and documents.

Please note that any necessary form is attached to the policy document.


The goal of the Finance and Administration Office is to provide the Academic and Administrative leaders of CGU with accurate and timely financial information. To facilitate this goal, a site for viewing current financial data has been set up at CUConnect. If you do not have access to CUConnect, contact the Financial Services Office.

To meet the requirements under the Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 112, Claremont Graduate University developed a policies and procedures document for Internal Controls. Internal Controls are an integral part of any organization's financial and business policies and procedures. They are designed to protect University resources, ensure accuracy in data and secure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You may view the full description of CGU's Internal Controls through this link.

Post Award Grants and Contracts

Grants and Contracts, both Federal and Private, are critical to CGU's mission of providing research opportunities to faculty and students.Procedures for post award grants and contracts are available here.

Office Depot

CGU has an arrangement with Office Depot for the purchase of Office Supplies. Each Department within CGU should have an account set up. If additional accounts need to be set up or general ledger codes added to current accounts, please contact the Financial Services Office.

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