New Student Accommodation Requests 

Students with permanent or temporary disabilities can follow the three step process outlined below.

1. First time registrants will create a student application and read the agreement and guidelines of AIM. The student may upload any provider documentation onto their application or bring it to their intake appointment. 

2. The student will receive notification that the Office of Disability Services has received the application. The student will be expected to contact to schedule an intake appointment with the disability coordinator. Notifications are sent to the student from the Office of Disability Services and AIM to the student's CGU email.

3. Determination occurs during the intake process. If the student is eligible for any reasonable accommodations, a Letter of Accommodation is provided to the student. It is the student's responsibility to give this letter to their faculty in order to recieve accommodations.

Continuing Registrants

Students who have completed the intake process in previous semesters must renew their accommodations each term. Students should contact at the beginning of each term to request renewal. A link will be provided to the student to submit their request on AIM. The disability coordinator will then provide the student with a Letter of Accommodation.

If the student requests any changes to previously approved accommodations, a meeting with the disability coordinator is required.

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