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For Small Groups: Harper 10

For Large Groups: ACB 126

Questions, ideas, or feedback? Email us at digital.learning@cgu.edu

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The Digital Learning Lab is committed to providing the best services for all students, staff and faculty seeking technological guidance to excel their academics and careers. 

In addition to the main workshops, the Digital Learning Lab can provide recommendations of Fellows for students seeking further individual help with Digital Learning Lab Fellows specializing in different fields. 

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to bring their own materials and questions together with the required worksheet for the workshop they wish to learn more about.  Tutoring appointments complimenting workshops are between the DLL Fellow and student requesting assistance; DLL is not responsbile for these tutoring sessions, as we only act as a referral service to whom we think will help you most. 




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Meet the DLL Tutors 

Information about 2019 Tutors are forthcoming! 

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