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Checking Out a Laptop:

The Office of Information Technology offers workshop attendees the option to check out laptops in the Academic Computing Building that already have technological tools instructed by Digital Learning Lab Fellows installed unto them. To request a laptop, please email us at least 2 days in advance. 

Access Tools Through CGU:

Though we offer multiple workshops on different software applications, please click the button below to check which ones are offered through CGU. 

CGU Software Applications

Additional Help With Tools:

Please refer to our "Off-Campus Resources" page under the About Me tab for external help with specific technological tools. Included are step by step Youtube videos, articles with examples and other supporting resources for you to refer to on your own time. 

Questions, ideas, or feedback? Email us at digital.learning@cgu.edu (Please note that we do not list a phone number because the DLL is not staffed at all times. Email is the best form of contact.)

DLL Policies DLL Policies


Scope of Service

  • DLL provides support and learning opportunities for technology related skills/questions.
  • DLL does not provide assistance with homework assignments, papers, projects, or the like. DLL is only here to teach you the skills and/or provide guidance needed to complete your homework assignment, paper, project, etc.
  • DLL is not responsible for the completion or correctness of any work you are attempting to do - it will support you in improving/developing the technical skills you need for your work.
  • DLL  workshop facilitators reserve the right to ask students who do not complete their worksheets to attend another workshop at a later date; noncompletion of worksheets will result in unattendance of workshops

Support and guidance will be provided to a DLL client in the possible following ways:

  • Face to face consultation: Please refer to our "Tutoring Services" under Quick Links on the home page 
  • Worksheets: Prepared by Workshop facilitators prior to workshops to enhance student learning and participation. Please refer to our "Worksheets" under Quick Links on the home page 
  • Online: Live and recorded streaming 


We aim to expand our scope of service and will inform the CGU community of new services as they become available.

Terms of Service

  • DLL's services are provided to students, faculty, staff and alumni of CGU at no charge.
  • Clients of DLL should understand:
    • That DLL Fellows assist you to the best of their ability and knowledge. It is possible that their guidance/solution may not be the best one to your particular need, or that it does not match what your instructor, supervisor, etc. expects.
    • That DLL may refuse to assist you if your request goes beyond our scope of service.
    • That these Terms and Conditions may be modified at a future date in accordance with CGU Student Success Center governance procedures.

Workshop Attendance Policy

DLL workshops have limited spaces. This allows our facilitators to work effectively with different ability and need levels. Therefore, the following policy governs DLL workshop participation.

  • We allocate spaces on a first-come, first-served basis from our RSVP list AND completion of worksheets.
  • When you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration.
  • If all the spaces are filled, we will put you on a wait-list and notify you. You will be notified if a space opens up as a result of a cancellation.
  • If a workshop has a full registration, you will receive an email 2 business days before the workshop asking you to confirm your intention to attend and to arrive on time. If you do not confirm, your place will be given away to those on the wait-list.
  • All workshop participants must be registered for the workshop AND complete appropriate worksheets. If you are not on our attendance sheet and/or did not complete the appropriate worksheets, you will be considered a no-show.
  • If you confirm your attendance and do not show for 2 DLL workshops [including incompletion of worksheet for 2 workshops] within a semester, you will not be accepted to participate in any other DLL workshops for that semester

Workshop Walk-Ins Policy

  • If the workshop is not at capacity, the facilitator has discretion to allow "walk-in" by non-registered participants.
  • Registered participants will be considered a "no-show" if they are not there within 5 minutes of the start of the workshop. Their place can then be given away to a "walk-in" participant.
  • Walk-Ins are also required to have all appropriate worksheets completed, or will be asked to attend another workshop at a later date. 

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