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Questions, ideas, or feedback? Email us at digital.learning@cgu.edu (Please note that we do not list a phone number because the DLL is not staffed at all times. Email is the best form of contact.)


Located in Harper Hall Basement: Harper 22 (office) and Harper 22A (computer lab)

DLL Appointments DLL Appointments


Appointments are 50 minutes long and can be individual or group appointments.

Making Appointments

  1. First register using your CGU Email or CGU Alumni Email (for verification purposes).
  2. Then log in to the appointment system to view the schedule.
  3. The schedule shows you a week at a glance with consultant names and the days and times they are available.
  4. White boxes = The consultant is available. Blue boxes = someone beat you to it and has booked that time slot. After you have made an appointment, your booking shows up as a yellow box.
  5. Select the correct consultant for the technology tool you want help with.
  6. Use the limit to drop-down button at the top of the schedule to view and select the service you want. This will show you the consultants on the schedule who are available to help you with the specific technology tool you need.
  7. Click on a white box at a time slot you want and fill out the Appointment Booking form.
  8. Give us as much detail as you can when describing what you want to work on. This will help us better prepare to meet with you.
  9. You will receive an automated confirmation from the Appointment System.
  10. Bring your laptop computer with you when you come for an appointment so that you can follow along and practice during the session on your own computer.

You're done! Come to Harper Basement - Rooms 12 and 14 when it is time for your appointment.

Cancellations and Missing Appointments

  1. If you have good reason to miss an appointment, please cancel your appointment - easily done through the system - rather than do a no-show. This will allow others who need the time slot to make an appointment.
  2. Please come on time to your appointment. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment time will be marked as a no-show so that your appointment slot can be taken by someone else.
  3. If you have two (2) no-shows, the system will automatically disable your account for the rest of the semester. Your account will be re-enabled for the next semester. However, you may contact the director of the Digital Learning Lab to have your account manually re-set.

Skype Appointments

You can meet DLL consultants virtually through Skype appointments.

  1. If you do not have a Skype account, sign up for a free account at skype.com and download the free Skype app.
  2. When it is time for your appointment, call the relevant Skype name. This will be either digitalcgu OR digitalcgu2 depending on which consultant you made an appointment with. (See appointment system or your appointment confirmation email for this information.)
  3. Connecting the first time with your Skype consultant. Use the add contact button in your Skype app to add your consultant's Skype name. This will bring up the Skype contact. Click on the green button next to the contact name to send a connect request.
  4. The consultant will accept your request and you can then call him/her to begin your appointment.
  5. For subsequent appointments, you will already have the Skype consultant's contact in your contact list and can call the consultant directly when it is time for your appointment.

Skype is very easy to use. Check out their guides and help pages: https://support.skype.com/en/

Give Us Feedback!

Your feedback is critical in helping us improve our services.

After each appointment, you will receive a link to a short survey about your session. Please fill this out.

Remember that your detailed comments about what you found useful, how we can improve, and ideas for more services are invaluable in helping make the DLL a comprehensive and excellent service at CGU.

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