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Student Coordinator:
Jami Hinshaw
Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 909-607-9448

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Patricia Easton
Executive Vice President and Provost
Phone: 909-621-8068

Staff Coordinator:
Brenda Leswick
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Phone: 909-621-8686

Safety Resource Card Safety Resource Card


Your mental, emotional, and physical health are important throughout the entire year.

Through CGU's downloadable Safety Resource Card you will have quick access to CGU phone numbers, links, and websites, as well as Claremont Consortium contacts in the event you encounter an emergency, need specialized medical attention, or are seeking confidential advice for yourself or a friend.

We encourage our community members to empower one another, stand up for what is right, and use these resources as a first step in dealing with serious issues.

Download the contact card into your phone using any of the following options:




Once downloaded and saved, you can access the resources in your contacts under "CGU Safety Resource Card."

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