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Registering for Commencement

All graduates and students eligible to participate in Commencement must register in order to participate in the Commencement ceremony. All eligible participants will receive an email from the Registrar's Office ( including a link to an online Commencement Registration Form which must be completed by the deadline indicated in the email (Note: Current students will receive the registration form via their CGU email and previous graduates will receive the registration form via the "Home email address" listed in their student record.)

Announcement Cards

Announcement cards may be ordered through Huntley Bookstore, or by calling 800-433-0296, or online at CB Graduation Announcements.

Academic Regalia

All master's students (except Art/MFA) will rent and wear a gown, tam, tassel, and hood during the ceremony. In recognition of the doctoral and MFA degrees being the highest degree granted in their respective disciplines, CGU officials will give these graduates their hood on stage. Therefore, doctoral and MFA candidates will not wear a hood to the ceremony. They will wear a gown, mortarboard, and tassel. Note: The tassel should be worn on the left side.

Purchase Custom Regalia

Purchase deadline: March 14, 2019

If you are a doctoral candidate and wish to purchase your own Claremont Graduate University doctoral regalia, please contact Susan Navarro of Huntley Bookstore at (909) 607-1503 or visit to order online. The deadline for placing an order to purchase regalia to be worn at this years commencement ceremony is March 14, 2019 to assure delivery by commencement. The cost of purchasing the custom-made gown, tam, and tassel is $632.50 (without tax and shipping).

Rent Regalia

Deadline: Thursday, March 21, 2019

An order form for renting regalia will be included in the Commencement registration email sent from the Registrar's Office. The order form and payment should be submitted to Huntley Bookstore no later than March 21, 2019. Orders placed after this date may be subject to late or expedited shipping fees and may not receive the exact size or color needed.

  • Master's gown, cap, hood and tassel: $55.85
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) gown, cap and tassel: $29.57
  • Doctorate gown, mortarboard and tassel: $33.95

Pick Up Regalia

Regalia ordered through Huntley Bookstore is now available for pick-up. See the Huntley Bookstore webpage for hours and contact information.

Return Regalia

All rented regalia must be returned to the bookstore immediately following the ceremony by 5 p.m. Any rented regalia not returned to Huntley Bookstore by 12 p.m., Monday, May 20th, will be billed for the purchase price to your student account and you will not be eligible to receive transcripts or your diploma until your account is cleared.


Commencement ceremonies are special events for all involved. We ask that you show respect for everyone who shares in the experience by creating an occasion that will appropriately highlight your achievements while adhering to the CGU Basic Code of Conduct.

Children, including babies, are not allowed to sit with the graduates nor on the stage.

Tickets are not required to attend the commencement ceremony.

The university ceremony is a dignified program governed by academic tradition, overall good manners, and local laws. Therefore, possession of alcoholic beverages or materials that may disrupt the ceremony are prohibited.

Commencement will be held rain or shine in Mudd Quadrangle.

Graduate Arrival & Check-in

  • Arrive on campus wearing your regalia at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 18. (The tassel should be worn on the left side.) Please be prompt. Those who are not at their assembly points, in academic regalia, when the procession is formed may not be able to march and sit with their classmates.
  • Check-in at the southeast corner of 10th Street and Dartmouth Avenue to receive your "graduate name card," which you will hand to the provost as you ascend the stage during the ceremony.
  • Line up in alphabetical order behind the sign or banner for your school (Master's in 9th Street parking lot; Doctorates on Dartmouth Avenue). All participants must be in line no later than 8:30 a.m. Once you are in line, please do not break ranks — you can visit with family and take pictures after the ceremony.

Processional and Seating

Two candidates' marshals will lead the processional. The marshals will direct you into the row in which you will sit. It is extremely important that you do not save a seat for another person. Otherwise, we will not have enough chairs and the ceremony will be delayed.

Once the processional begins, candidates will proceed north on Dartmouth Avenue and turn right (east) just north of Honnold Library. The lines will condense into two lines, with half proceeding north along the west aisle and half proceeding north along the east aisle. The section of chairs in the center, directly south of the stage is reserved for candidates.

Doctoral and MFA Graduates

Row 1: Global and Community Health

Rows 2-4: Educational Studies

Row 5: Information Systems and Technology

Row 6: Mathematical Sciences

Rows 7-8: Behavioral and Organizational Sciences

Rows 9-10: Politics and Economics

Rows 11-12: Arts and Humanities

Row 13: Master of Fine Arts

Masters Graduates

Rows 14-15: Politcs and Economics

Row 16: Arts and Humanities

Row 17: Information Systems and Technology

Row 18: Global and Community Health

Rows 19-20: Behavioral and Organizational Sciences

Row 20: Mathematical Sciences

Rows 21-22: Educational Studies

Rows 23-26: Management


Conferrals will be made in the following groupings: (1) honorary degrees, (2) doctorates, and (3) master's. For group 2, the provost will state, "Will the candidates for the doctor of musical arts and the doctor of philosophy degrees please rise and remain standing?" The president will then confer the degrees on the candidates, and you will be asked to sit down. The president will make the conferrals for each group. For group 3, the provost will state, "Will the candidates for the master's degrees please rise and remain standing?" The president will then confer the degrees on the candidates, and you will be asked to sit down.

Once the conferrals are complete, the candidates will be recognized individually. The candidates' marshals will instruct you when to approach the stage.

For group 2 your photo will be taken as you approach the west ramp. You then hand your graduate name card to the provost and state your name. The provost will announce your name. Doctoral and Master of Fine Arts candidates will turn and face the audience while the academic hood is placed over their head. The president will then hand you a certificate, and your photograph will be taken. You will leave the stage via the east ramp and return to your chair.

For group 3, master's graduates, half will approach the stage on the east side and the remaining schools will approach the stage on the west side. Your photo will be taken prior to handing the graduate name card to the reader. Alternately, the provost and the faculty chair will read the candidate's names. Graduates on the west side will shake hands with the president while graduates on the east side will shake hands with the board chair, who will hand you a certificate, and then you will exit the stage via the front ramp on the same side from which you approached.


When the commencement ceremony is over, graduates will march out of Mudd Quad by schools. The banner carriers will lead the way to the school receptions being held at various locations on campus.

School Receptions

Graduates and their families are invited to a reception at the graduate's school. See the Event Information page for location details.


View the CGU Commencement parking map. Handicapped parking will be available in the parking lot north of McAlister Center on the southwest corner of Tenth Street and Columbia Avenue. Access to this lot is available via Eleventh Street and Columbia Avenue.


Strollers are allowed. They may be stored in the area designated on the map, or your guests may park them next to their chair as long as they do not block the aisle.

Refreshment, Flowers, and Gifts

Hagelbarger's will be closed to the public the morning of commencement; however, their staff will have a refreshment stand located at Dartmouth and Ninth Street. Starbucks Coffee, juice, cookies, soda, muffins, scones, fruit cups and chips will be available for purchase. Flower bouquets and orchid leis will be available for purchase at two booths sponsored by Commencement Flowers.


Grad Images will take your photograph during the ceremony and will mail the proofs to the email address on your "Graduate Name Card." If you would like to pre-register your email address with them, they will contact you just as soon as your photos are available for online viewing and ordering. Go to to pre-register and receive a discount. Should you need to reach them, their telephone number is 800-424-3686.

Candid Photos

The aisles must be kept clear at all times for safety reasons and to avoid interruption of the traffic flow. We encourage purchasing photos from the professional photographer to allow guests to enjoy a clear view of their loved ones / colleagues and to minimize the confusion in this area. To keep our graduates and guests safe during the ceremony, the aisles must be kept clear at all times. Please take any photos during the ceremony from your seat.

Alumni Welcome Package

The Office of Alumni Engagement would like to welcome you to the alumni association with a complimentary welcome package. To receive your welcome package, please fill out this form.

Commencement Video

The 2019 commencement ceremony will be recorded. To receive access to download and save the complete recording of the ceremony please make sure you fill out this form so we have your updated email address and can send you the link once it is available.


See the Registrar's webpage information about when diplomas will be distributed.

Diploma Frames

Diploma frames may be purchased at Huntley Bookstore or through their website


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