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The CGU Alumni Teaching (CAT) community is part of CGU's Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) teaching program in collaboration with the Alumni Engagement Office. If you are interested in teaching and leading minds in the classroom and beyond, in formal and informal settings, you will find a commuity of like minded individuals in the CAT community. We invite you to engage with us as participants, contributors, collaborators, and mentors with the PFF program in ways that will benefit you and our current students who aspire to teach. Use this space to make connections and build supportive networks for alumni-to alumni and alumni-to-students exchange, collaboration, and mentoring. Visit the PFF website for teaching resources and to participate in our programs. 

Director Shamini Dias, PhD
(909) 607-6225

Help Us Build Your Community

We aspire to build an active community of sharing, exchange, and collaboration. We believe the best communities emerge from all of us taking ownership and participating in innovating growth. Therefore, we invite you to share your ideas for workshop topics or resources you'd like to see us develop, and to reach out to us if you are interested to be a contributor, speaker, or webinar guest.

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