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Director of Career Development
Christine Kelly, PhD

Assistant Director
Michael Sacoto 

Employer Outreach/Internship Cordinator
Leigh Schroyer, MA

Career Development Office

Suite 130, Burkle Building, Claremont, CA 91711

Mission Mission


To Empower students to take personal responsibility for developing their career over their lifespan by educating students about the knowledge and skills needed to develop their careers.


To see every CGU student enter the workforce with the skills and abilities to successfully manage their careers.

Core Values

Welcoming & Supportive Environment. The CDO fosters an environment that is welcoming and positive!  We strive to make students feel safe to come for help and support for whatever career goal they are working towards.

Student Centered. Student's come first. We build our programing and office dynamics to focus on the needs of the students.  We develop and execute student centered programs and focus on what is best for our students.

Collaboration & Strategic Relationships. Nothing is done in isolation, especially one's career. Our office focuses on building strategic relationships on and off campus to provide connections and support for students beyond CGU. 

Education. We value education both in how we develop and execute our program and in our students.  We recognize our students are highly educated and look for opportunities and connections that value education.

Core Beliefs

  1. Students should begin their career journey during their first semester at CGU.
  2. Career planning is an ambiguous, nonlinear process.
  3. Career planning requires a strong support system. Relationships are a powerful resource students must develop and nurture
  4. Students are the creators of their individualized career paths. Knowledge and self-determination are essential to successful career planning.
  5. Career planning is hard, deep work and a lifelong endeavor.


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