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Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement


Employer Outreach and Student Engagement

The Employer Outreach Coordinator (EOC) is tasked with building relationships with employers for the benefit of students. The EOC will interact primarily with employers and will share information from these meetings with students and faculty.

What you can expect from the EOC:

1. Information about job opportunities for CGU students that have been personally sourced based on a personal relationship with the employer.

2. Insights about hiring trends, hiring processes market insights, changes in the employment landscape communicated through the CDO blog, newsletter and social media. 

3. The EOC will host employer events on campus so students can interact with employers.

4. May assist students in connecting with employers with whom we have a personal relationship.

     a. Before this occurs the student will be coached by a member of the CDO staff to ensure they are prepared to have a successful meeting with the employer.

     b. The student must understand that their interactions with our employers will reflect on CGU as a whole and will impact our relationships, thus it is important to maintain a high standard of professionalism.

What you cannot expect:

1. The EOC will not contact specific employers on the behalf of individual students.

2. The EOC has no control over who employers choose to interview or hire for internships or full time positions.

3. The EOC DOES NOT place students in positions.


How you can communicate with the EOC

1. You can share employers who you would like to see recruit at CGU. However, it is important to remember that it takes time to build relationships and not all employers may be interested in developing a relationship with CGU.

2. There is a student tab on the Employer page of the CDO website that will highlight employers who have a relationship with the CDO.

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