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How to Look Great in Video Interviews


Employers are increasingly using Skype, Zoom and other platforms to conduct video interviews. As a recruiter, I facilitated hundreds of video interviews and can attest to the strange things that candidates do in front of the camera. From a candidate interviewing shirtless to another in the middle of a crowded coffee shop, many have no idea how to video interview. 

Here are few tips to help you look great in your next video interview!

Tip 1: Sound- Sound is just as important as video. Be sure that you are far away from noisy environments and empty rooms that echo.

Tip 2: Location- Create an aesthetically pleasing background. Be sure that there are no embarrassing things behind you (a weird poster or collection of troll dolls). Instead, create a background that has a bookshelf or house plant. And remember no plain walls!

Tip 3: Lighting- Be sure to use natural light (if possible) in the daytime and make sure that the window is in front of you. Avoid use of overhead lighting or under lighting (unless you want to look like you're telling a spooky story). When natural light is unavailable, place a lamp in front of you.

Tip 4: YOU- Dress appropriately. Employers will expect you to dress as you would for an in-person interview. Also, remember to look straight into the camera and not down onto your screen.


These four tips will help demonstrate your confidence and ability to present yourself well. For a more detailed understanding, check out this YouTube video.




What Do Employers Really Want to See on a Resume?

As the job market becomes more competitive, job seekers are inclined to create resumes that demonstrate not only their professional experience, but their interest and skillsets as well. As such, it is important to understand what employers look for in a resume. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveyed hundreds of employers to create NACE's Job Outlook 2018 report. The report's findings highlight key attributes that employers would like to see on resumes.

Beyond strong GPA, other attributes that employers describe as extremely valuable are problem solving skills and team work abilities. In addition, employers want to see evidence of strong written communication skill, leadership abilities and a strong work ethic. 

The study also revealed that work experience, particularly internship experience is highly desirable while internship experience from within the industry or organization is preferred. 

The top attributes by list are as follows:

  •   Problem solving skills
  •   Ability to work in a team
  •   Communication skills (written)
  •   Leadership
  •   Strong work ethic
  •   Analytical/quantitative skills
  •   Flexibility/adaptability


A strong resume coupled with proper demonstration of the skills and attributes outlined above can be a key factor in securing your dream job! 


California Employment Law Changes- What You Need to Know!


The start of a new year typically comes with tons of changes. From new year's resolutions to new regulations, January 1st is a date that tends to usher in change. Similarly, a few notable changes in the world of employment law are set to take effect at the top of the year. 

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a statewide ban on employer inquiries into an individual's salary history. This assembly bill (AB 168) mandates that no employer may rely on an applicant's prior salary history " as a factor in determining whether to offer employment" or "what salary to offer an applicant". In short, one's previous earnings will have no bearing on their potential to secure an offer significantly higher. For students, particularly those who will soon be looking to secure employment post-graduation, this is a very important change in the way some California employers approach compensation and ultimately, offers.

Another upcoming change in employment law set to take place on January 1, 2018 is the California Ban-the-Box law. This measure prohibits employers from performing criminal background screenings prior to a conditional offer of employment (for companies with a minimum of 5 employers). Employers will also be prohibited from requesting information about criminal history on an application or any other preliminary point in the hiring process. 

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the California minimum wage will increase from $10.50 to $11.00 per hour. Although incremental, this change will directly impact wage earners.


As we enter into 2018 and move towards graduation it is important that students are aware of changes in employment law and the impact these changes may have on their future employment.

Career Visioning Activity

Make a collage of your ideal day at work.  Where are you, what are you doing, who is there with you, how do you feel. Find images, workds, quote, objects that reflect your best work day.  Put it somewhere you can see it everyday as a reminder of your goals.

Virtual Career Fair

This is a great opportunity to network with employers who are specifically seeking advanced degree holders.  Click here to register.  Some employer may even interview you that day!  Stop by the CDO to have your resume reviewed before you upload it.

What will you do today to move closer to your career goal?

Some tasks seem so daunting they can overwhelm us. Like writing your first graduate level paper, preparing for quals, writing the dissertation, or trying to figure out your career path. Our natural human response is to avoid tasks like this, but the better response is to chuck them into manageable pieces.  So for today, what is one thing you can do to move closer to your career goal?  Will you read an article on the Career Development Facebook page, watch a 5 minute video on our YouTube playlist, spend 5 minutes finding 3 people on LinkedIn who have a career of interest to you and read their profile?  Share your one thing in the comments to this post. And remember, every journey begins with one small step.

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