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Welcome to the website and program of the CGU Institutional Review Board. Our focus is to facilitate faculty investigators and help train student investigators to understand and carry out the fundamental purpose of all IRBs, which is to assure the Investigator's Respectful Behavior toward every person who participate in research as a "human subject."

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Identifiers and Members Identifiers and Members


Federal Identifiers 

(Office for Human Research Protections)

  • Organization: Claremont Graduate U: IORG0000760 (expires 8/13/2018)
  • IRB: Claremont Graduate U IRB #1: IRB00001114 (exp. 1/3/2020)


  • Claremont Graduate University  
    • FWA00000248 (8/13/2020)
  • Harvey Mudd College
    • FWA00013487 (1/10/2022)
  • Keck Graduate Inst Applied Life Sci 
    • FWA00003525 (5/22/2017)
  • Claremont Graduate U (DOD Addendum)
    • F50742 (1/13/2019)

IRB Members 2017/2018 

Andrew Conway
Professor, Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, CGU
(Chair, 2017-18)

Philip Dreyer
Emeritus Professor, School of Educational Studies, CGU

Werner Zorman
Professor, Engineering, Harvey Mudd College

Joshua Tasoff
Professor, Economics, CGU

Cleopatre Thelus
Doctoral Candidate, Psychology, CGU
Gail Orum-Alexander
Keck Graduate Institute

Alternate Members:

Gary Gaukler
Professor, Management, CGU

Alfonso Castro
Professor, Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

Staging Enabled