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Shamini Dias, PhD 
Jeremy Schnieder, PhD 
Preparing Future Faculty
Claremont Graduate University
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PFF Scholars PFF Scholars


PFF Scholars have completed all requirements for the PFF Graduate Certificate. Congratulations on starting your journey as teacher-scholars, taking teaching excellence into all the work you do!

Miloslava Plachkinova, Ph.D. (CISAT)

Caroline Carpenter, Ph.D (English)

Diana Labisch, Doctoral Candidate, Cultural Studies & Education

Picture of Diana Labisch

Diana Labisch graduated from the University of Leipzig (Germany) in American Studies. In addition, she studied at the American University in Washington DC, Harvard University, and the Universite de Bretagne Occidentale Brest (France). Currently, Diana is a PhD student in Cultural Studies and Education at CGU. Her dissertation concentrates on the changing global dynamics in German classrooms with particular focus on the integration of immigrants and refugees from Turkey and Syria. Diana's portfolio: dianalabisch.wordpress.com/

"Teaching needs to awaken students' interest for future opportunities while showing them how to translate factual knowledge into daily circumstances."

Alyssa Krueger
MA, English

Kayleigh Setoda
MA, English

PFF Associates

PFF Associates have completed all workshop requirements for the PFF Graduate Certificate and are now working on their Practicum and Portfolio items.

Arts and Humanities

Arya Moknat
Yi-Ju Liao
Janelle Borsberry (MFA, 2014)
Tori Yonker (MA English, 2015)
Matthew Paul (MA History. 2015)

Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT)

Abdulkareem Alsudais
Omer Alrwais
Hafsa Aasi
Joseph Mbugua

Department of Politics and Economics

Brent Perkins
Zhijun Gao
David Edlefsen
Wenti Du

Department of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences

Irene Brandt (MA Psychology, 2015)
Rachel Baumsteiger
Kathryn Doiron


Cathi Comras
Amal Alsahli

School of Educational Studies

Maria Morales
David Tarazon, Doctoral Candidate

Mathematical Sciences

Nikhil Mathur

Staging Enabled