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Personalized Consultation and Feedback 

Access our appointment system at:

The PFF consultation system is available free to all CGU students, alumni, faculty, and staff whether or not you are enrolled in the PFF Certificate program.

If you are working toward the PFF Certificate, there are a number of required meetings to plan and review your progress. In addition to these, we encourage you to make appointments for in-person or online consulting and coaching to make sure you're on track and working to meet program expectations.

You can make 50-minute appointments to meet with a PFF Fellow in-person or via Skype. Brainstorming and exploring teaching with another educator helps develop a more intentional approach to teaching. And, you will save time by not re-inventing the many wheels that move teaching and learning forward!

You can also use our email review service to get feedback on teaching related documents such as teaching philosophy statement drafts, lesson plans, student learning outcome and assessment alignment documents, syllabi drafts, rubrics.

  • Appointment Focus Areas
  • Types of Appointments
  • Instructions for Making Appointments

Appointment Focus Areas

  1. Course and syllabus development. We help you develop new courses or revise old ones, as well as give feedback and guidance on effective syllabus design. This includes developing effective student learning outcomes and aligning them with a good assessment plan.
  2. Lesson design. We help you plan specific lessons or workshops in your discipline, as well as help you prepare for Teaching Clinic sessions to practice teaching.
  3. Teaching Practice. We work with you to plan, practice, and review teaching demonstrations for job application processes. 
  4. Teaching philosophy statements. We help you brainstorm ideas, explore your values and perspectives, and provide feedback on how to write a teaching philosophy statement that clearly articulates your identity and approach as an educator.
  5. Assessment strategies and rubric development. We help you explore the best ways to assess your students learning, from quizzes, tests, and papers, to self- and peer review processes. We also help you design effective rubrics and strategies for using them as tools for learning as well as for assessment. In addtion, we can help you design effective ways to assess your own teaching.
  6. Academic portfolio development. We can work with you to design and gather appropriate contents to build a strong teaching and academic e-portfolio.
  7. Teaching issues and ideas. We work with you to explore specific teaching challenges or situations you face as an educators as well as ideas and new strategies you are interested in trying.

Types of Appointments

In-Person Consult: Meet with a PFF Fellow in-person individually or in a small group. Discuss any teaching related matter or idea or get feedback on teaching related documents. Brainstorming and exploring teaching with another educator helps develop a more intentional reflexive approach to teaching. And, you will save time by not re-inventing the many wheels that move teaching and learning forward!

Online Consult: Meet with a PFF consultant from a distance using Skype. You can video chat, text chat, as well as share screens to view and discuss documents. When filling in the appointment booking form, there is an option to select whether you want an online Skype appointment or to meet in person at the PFF office.

Document Review: Upload teaching related documents such as teaching philosophy statements, lesson plans, syllabi, etc. for review by a PFF Fellow. Your consultant will use the comment function to give you feedback on your documents with ideas and suggestions to develop them further.

  • You can submit ONE document for each document review "appointment". If you are submitting more than one document for review, please make separate  appointments for each document.
  • Email review takes 7 business days.
  • We do not accept documents over 20 pages. But you can submit these in parts as separate email submission appointments.
  • All documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).

Instructions for Making an Appointment 

  1. First register with the PFF Appointment scheduling system using your CGU Email or CGU Alumni Email (for verification purposes). If you do not have an alumni email, please contact the PFF office at and we will help you with this.
  2. Log in to the appointment system to view the schedule.
  3. Choose the appropriate schedule. The appointment system is shared with the Digital Learning Lab. Be sure to select the PFF schedule at the log-in screen.
  4. Select your appointment day and time. The schedule shows you a week at a glance with consultant names and the days and times they are available. The white boxes show when a consultant is available. Blue means someone beat you to it and has booked that time slot. After making an appointment, your booking shows up as a yellow box.
  5. Fill in the appointment form. Click on a white box at a time slot you want and fill out the Appointment Booking form. Remember to indicate whether you want an online Skype consult or an in-person meeting if making an appointment to work with a consultant. The more information you provide about the kind of help you are looking for, the better we can prepare to work efficiently with you during the appointment time.
  6. Upload documents if appropriate.
  7. For in-person and online appointments, after you save your appointment, you will be given the option to upload any documents you want us to look at before your appointment. Please note that this is solely for the purpose of allowing the PFF Fellow to understand your request and to prepare for the meeting with you. They will not do detailed review of your documents until they are in conversation with you when you meet.
  8. For email review submission, you will be able to upload your documents after you save your appointment booking dialog box. Your documents will be passed on to a PFF Fellow who will read and provide written feedback to you. You will receive your documents back via email.
  9. You're all set! You will receive a confirmation email when you make your appointment as well as a reminder email before your appointment.
  10. Give us feedback. After your appointment or when we send you back documents we've reviewed, you will receive a short feedback survey. Please do fill this out. Your feedback helps us improve what we do.
  11. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so by visiting the appointment system, clicking on your scheduled appointment and cancellng. However, if you cancel three appointments within a semester, you will not be allowed to make any more appointments until the next semester.

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