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College is the final stage of formal education for many students before embarking on careers and the rest of their lives. As future faculty, you can positively shape your students' future paths. Your academic program at CGU helps you develop excellence as a scholar. But the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program at CGU helps you become an inclusive leader of learning. Through participation in PFF programs and activities, you join like-minded faculty across the nation who seek to build excellence in teaching. The PFF program at CGU integrates your experiences in educational settings with research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) to help you develop pedagogical knowledge and skills, whether you are new to teaching or are an experienced educator interested in growing further.

History of PFF. The PFF program was a national initiative launched in 1993 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS). The initiative aimed to transform how graduate students prepared for academic careers in higher education. Today, these goals are even more urgent, as higher education is changing radically. PFF programs play a critical role in helping graduate students prepare for productive and balanced faculty lives, as well as for ethical and excellent scholarly practice, teaching, and service. For more information about the national PFF initiative, please visit PFF's website.

What We Do What We Do


"Education is by far the biggest and the most hopeful of the Nation's enterprises. Long ago our people recognized that education for all is not only democracy's obligation but its necessity. Education is the foundation of democratic liberties. Without an educated citizenry alert to preserve and extend freedom, it would not long endure." 

Truman Commission on Higher Education, 1947

What We Do

PFF offers professional development opportunities for those interested in developing teaching skills and the capacity to lead others in learning in diverse settings. Our programs and services include:

  1. The PFF Certificate in College Teaching: Open Workshops and PFF Courses. You can earn the PFF Certificate through a flexible, self-paced Open Workshop program or through PFF Courses. The Certificate program helps you develop pedagogical knowledge, skills, and capacities for teaching in post-secondary settings. You also develop a robust teaching portfolio that will serve you well in your job search and beyond. On completing the Certificate, you will be listed as a PFF Scholar on our website to recognize and promote your affiliation with a community of teacher-scholars nation-wide. 
  2. Non-CGU students who want to earn the PFF Certificate may do so through the PFF Course option.
  3. Workshops. You might not want to work toward a Certificate or have completed it. You might be a very experienced educator. But teaching and learning, like all leadership processes, are complex, ever-evolving processes. There is always more to explore, new developments to understand, and strategies to share. We never finish learning to develop our skills and knowledge as educators. Come and learn, and also share your perspectives and strategies. Workshops cover teaching and learning theory, practice, and design.

  4. Personalized consulting and coaching. Use our appointment system forindividual or group consulting with the PFF Fellows to design courses, plan lessons, write syllabi and teaching philosophy statements, as well as brainstorm ideas and get feedback and coaching on different areas of pedagogy.

  5. Community.  As CGU Alumni, you can join the CGU Teaching Alumni (CAT) Community, a collaboration between PFF and the Office of Alumni Engagement to engage our alumni who are interested in teaching and leading in academic and non-academic contexts. When you complete your PFF Certificate, you will be featured in our community page of PFF Scholars. As a PFF Scholar, you join other like-minded educators who promote execellence in teaching and learning.

  6. Resources. We continually develop and share resources based on research and practice. Our resources include curated and annotated links to other knowledge bases on teaching and learning, our developing knowledge base of teaching tools and tips, a growing virtual library that features books we recommend on teaching and learning.

Who Should Participate

PFF is for you if you are:

  1. Preparing for a career in teaching in academic settings or outside of academia and want to earn the PFF Certificate and build a strong portfolio of teaching tools.
  2. Already teaching or are an experienced teacher and want to engage with a community of like-minded teachers to continue improving your work.
  3. Seeking resources and a community of teachers who care deeply about teaching and learning.
  4. Preparing for a career in any setting where you will consult, coach, and lead others in learning. PFF helps you understand and translate inclusive pedagogy into leadership work in consulting, coaching, and leading others. We welcome students from the Drucker School of Management as well as from Art Business, Arts Management, Human Resource Development, Music, and Art.


PFF programs and services (except the PFF Courses) are free to all CGU students, alumni, faculty, and staff. If you are not from CGU and want to enroll in our PFF Certificate in College Teaching program, you can do so as a fee-paying student.

Participant Reviews

"The additional requirements, such as workshops, teaching, observations, and e-portfolio development, helped me a lot to get a better understanding of who I am as an educator, who I want to be, and how I can get there. Realizing my individual needs and setting goals for the future is very useful to me, as it helps me become more driven and motivated to achieve them."

"It gave me a good opportunity to realize the need to systemically design what I am teaching in the future."

"It helped me think about the goals of my own teaching and class, how to specifically construct the syllabus in detail."


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Did you know we have a bookshelf full of books you can borrow? Come by our office and see the literature we have on good pedagogy.

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