Welcome to Office 365!

CGU is currently transitioning our Exchange email system to Office 365.  The transition will occur in phases, and the people who will be transitioned in each phase has already been predetermined by the IT department.  The phased transition will allow IT to make any necessary changes based on the feedback of and the problems discovered by the first few set of participants in the transition, resulting in the very best experience for the rest of the CGU community.   Please come back and check this web page for updates on this transition.

We would like to thank the early transitioners for their participation and their feedback, which is very important to the IT staff.  Should you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please email contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@cgu.edu or 800-630-8893.


Benefits of using Office 365

Connecting your office computer to your Office 365 mail box

Connecting your mobile device to your Office 365 mail box

Training Materials

Office 365 Learning Center: visit this web site for information on how to get started with using Office 365

Office Training courses: visit this page for a list of courses on how to use the various Office applications

Tips and Tricks

Privacy and Security

3 ways to connect

Connect using either
Instant Messaging, Phone, or via Email.

Instant Messaging




You should receive an E-mail confirmation within 1 hour of submitting a request.

If you do not receive an E-mail confirmation, please contact the Help Desk again:


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