Lyris Email Distribution Lists

An email distribution list allows a user to send an email to many people by just sending the email to a single email address. The email distribution list will take care of sending the user's email to all of the members on the list.

A faculty or staff member can email to request that a Lyris email distribution list be created for them. Please be sure to include the following information:

  • name of the email distribution list name and email of the administrator(s) of the list
  • a password to use for logging into the list to administer the list
  • is this a moderated or unmoderated list?
  • an Excel spreadsheet containing the names and email addresses of the members of this email list

Once your Lyris list has been created for you, you can then add and/or remove members of your Lyris list as needed. Click below for instructions.

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3 ways to connect

Connect using either
Instant Messaging, Phone, or via Email.

Instant Messaging




You should receive an E-mail confirmation within 1 hour of submitting a request.

If you do not receive an E-mail confirmation, please contact the Help Desk again:


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