Solving Canvas Log in Problems

Please click here if your Canvas user name is an email address. This usually applies to Canvas users who are not CGU students, faculty, nor staff.

If you are a CGU student, faculty or staff:

Please make sure you are using your standard CGU user name to log into Canvas.

Please make sure you are using your CURRENT CGU email password to log into Canvas.

If the above two statements did not help you log into Canvas, then:

  • try checking your CGU user name and password by logging into the CGU portal at (click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner of the web page)
  • if you were not successful in logging into the portal, then click on the forgot password link located under the password box to reset your CGU password
  • if you were successful in logging into the portal, but still can not log into Canvas using the same user name and password you just used to log ino the portal, then please contact the help desk at 909-621-8174 and be sure to inform them that you are able to log into the CGU portal but can not log into Canvas

If your Canvas user name is an email address:

You can click on the link labeled "Guest Account Password Reset", located under the user name box on the Canvas log in page. You will be taken to another web page that asks for your Canvas user name. Please enter the email address that is being used as your Canvas user name. You will receive an email with a link to reset your Canvas password.

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Instant Messaging, Phone, or via Email.

Instant Messaging




You should receive an E-mail confirmation within 1 hour of submitting a request.

If you do not receive an E-mail confirmation, please contact the Help Desk again:


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